*NEW PICS* Rob Pattinson on set 7.26

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Francis Lawrence revealed earlier today, the Cornell scenes and the morgue scene were shot today.

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36 Responses to *NEW PICS* Rob Pattinson on set 7.26

  1. Alison4828 says:

    Just beautiful……..

  2. Julesie_76 says:

    Poor Rob, he looks so sad and lost in these pics. The weekend must have taken such a toll on him. Poor baby :(

  3. dtfangrrrl says:

    The morgue scene… wow… that was a tough one in the book. Very sad.

  4. rpattzgirl says:

    breathtaking….he really takes my breath away

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  6. Maria in CT says:

    Poor Rob does not look happy. (((((Rob))))) And where the hell is Dean? I think Rob needs to hire him 24/7.

  7. MAIARA says:

    he’s mix of beauty and sadness, i dont even know what to say

  8. Koni says:

    I wonder if he is getting into Jacob’s head during these pictures. He looks like he is concentrating so hard and getting a place where he can just break down, bawl his head off, and fall apart in the morgue. I can’t wait for this movie. Just from the the pictures alone it looks amazing!

  9. GlassGirl1972 says:

    he looks so unhappy… that makes me unhappy. He is so handsome and so talented… I love new pics of him and could stare at that gorgeous mug all day long…. but, alas, I really hope these aren’t papp pics BUT they probably are… *sigh*. Damn Papps…
    thinking I gotta ween myself off of Rob pics ’cause they are just tormenting the boy ’cause we crave to look at him so…. feeling guilty for ‘feeding the machine’.

    • texasgirl says:

      I don’t mind looking at pics while he is working! BUT, once his work day is over….it is none of our business! I hate papz…

  10. weezieh42 says:

    Well yeah he looked sad filming the scene where Jacob has to identify his dead parents. I would imagine that is not an easy thing for a child to do. I would hope he would look sad for that scene

  11. femroc says:

    Yes, Koni – looks like he’s getting into the part he has to do with the sad face.
    I would imagine that the trouble he had with the damn pappz could help him
    conjure up some tears and anger/emotion for the scene.

    I just hope he doesn’t go into complete hiding after this is over…….but I probably would.

  12. Nellie says:

    well, color me Rob – he looks DAMN FINE!!!!!!!

  13. passionsonsflower says:

    Rob is a class act under any circumstance. True grace under pressure never looked better on any one. Screw the paps Rob!!! We will always love you!!!

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  15. ndnwmn says:

    It’s hotter than heck there and the humidity has to be through the roof…No wonder he doesn’t look too happy…Send him the love….<3

  16. Maria in CT says:

    You are absolutely correct. I hope he never gives in. The paps are just trying to provoke him cus they are scum sucking parasitic leeches. That video only proves what a gentleman Rob is and how evil the paps are. He didn’t give them what they wanted so they kept on pursuing him. Rob is truly a fine example of what young actors should aspire to. Even through all this garbage that he is put through, he is grace under pressure, kind, humble, polite, charming – all the time. There just aren’t enough superlatives to describe how much I admire him.

    • Aptly put. I couldn’t agree with you more. I got lured into the trap to watch that video online, thinking that maybe poor Rob did get into a “real” accident, only to watch an innocent person being trapped and stalked, unable to even go home. I relived a period in high school when an ex-boyfriend would not leave me alone. I couldn’t go anywhere, school, work, to a restaurant, without that leech following me, never letting me out of his site. It’s offensive, it’s demoralizing, it’s intrusive, and most of all violating. I most definitely will email Gov. Schwarzenegger in regards to this incident.

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  19. ana says:

    To anyone that wants to email Gov Schwarzenegger about what happened to Rob on July 24th…
    (I mean he is the one that signed this new anti paparazzi Law)…email him at http://gov.ca.gov/interact
    Also Please go to http://www.petitiononline.com/­rpct1305/petition.html & sign this petition…and to http://www.paparazzi-reform.or­g/ to see how we can help!!
    *Maybe nothing can be done but we can TRY…I think all of Rob’s fans need to atleast try and do something!!

    • alex says:

      Petition is not valid? Why?
      Thanks for the email.

      Lets Email them. Lets make a voice

      • epiluitz says:

        Yes, we need to do something but a collective letter or some sort of signature page would be good, so we can collectively by numbers get our voices heard to stop this insanity! I don’t have the knowledge to do so but maybe someone does! Doing this one by one doesn’t send a strong enough message. There needs to be laws so that famous people also have rights to stop harassing behavior! Don’t you think?!?

  20. ana says:

    **can’t wait to see this movie…its going to be GOOD!!!

  21. aj says:

    íwas wondering the same thing maria from ct, where the heck is dean?BB can’t be without him. Rob looks so nice. Wish he were mine.

  22. Kenzie childress says:

    Hey now!! Haha

  23. epiluitz says:

    Good to know it’s the morgue scene. Explains a lot! Before I saw that information I was wondering why he looked so clean cut and shaved. This is where it all started! He is good!!! I mean I feel the pain through paparazzi pics before the scene is even shot!!!! Thinking back on the book, my heart hurts with him! He is good, really good! Oscar material definitely. Can’t wait! So proud!

  24. epiluitz says:

    I agree with you 100%, you said what I feel. I feel so bad for Rob and at the same time… It’s the saying “Wanting to have the cake and eat it too.” I want Rob to have a normal happy life and at the same time i just can’t stop looking at these pics that the Paparazzi take. At the same time, what happens to his fame if we back off as fans. Not good for him either. Hard this thing! Where is the middle way? What to do!?!?!?

    • GlassGirl1972 says:

      yes, we are of the same mind. i also worry that they will ‘change’ him. he has remained to unaffected up to this point. it was just heartbreaking to hear him pleading with the papparazzi to leave him in peace. it can’t go on and on without eventually taking a toll on him. it would be a sad world if he fled back to London between necessary movie shoots like Johnny Depp does.

    • texasgirl says:

      I think if he is working that the pics are fair game! Although I would assume the papz are very distracting…I wouldn’t want someone clicking at me every minute of the day! But once the work day is over the jerks need to go get a life of their own! Leave our boy alone~!~! I hope Rob knows that we support him and that our efforts to try and protect him will pay off! Keep smiling at them Rob! You are so much better than them!!!:)))

  25. Sylvia says:

    He’s such a good actor, can’t wait to see the movie. I’m sure it will be as emotional as the book is wich I loved very much.

  26. shafirshades says:

    He looks so DAMN GOOD! :D

  27. Sue says:

    Wonderful pixs…thanks!! This scene is going to be really emotional and I’m sure Rob will nail it. So excited to see this all on the big screen….and also will be sad to see this all come to an end. This has been an amazing and enjoyable ride seeing some of the transformation of WFE coming to “life”. WFE will not disappoint I’m sure!!

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