Robowski Photos: More from Linda Vista Hospital

A super big thanks to our special friend Angiesplace007 / theCelebrityJuicer for sharing these “contact sheets” with us so that our readers can see! These were taken outside haunted Linda Vista Community Hospital yesterday. Robert Pattinson was “getting into character” prepping for an extremely emotional scene in the morgue.

Contact Sheet 1 - click to enlarge

Contact Sheet 2 - click to enlarge

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18 Responses to Robowski Photos: More from Linda Vista Hospital

  1. gkngc04 says:

    I just love him! I know he nailed this scene!

  2. I just want to kiss the costume designer for this movie. The color palette, the sexpenders, the tux…everything has just been a total win throughout filming.

    Seeing these pictures and thinking about the intense scenes he is filming also makes me think of the one scene that gutted me in the book and that I hope they include in the movie. (*SPOILER* When he goes back home and realizes all is lost and drops to his knees on the front porch in despair.)

    I know I sound like a broken record, but this movie is going to be special.

    Thanks to the guest Kinkers for continuing to send pictures!!


  3. Sylvia says:

    one word, BEAUTIFUL

  4. sole says:

    I´m totally in love with Rob!
    Proud to be his fan!

  5. Linda says:

    I’m one of Rob’s biggest fans and LOVE seeing pictures of him but there is something very wrong with these pictures. He looks so sad or annoyed. I feel like the photograher may have been intruding. I hope our desire for beautiful pictures does not interfere with him being able to perform. Am I overreacting??

    • Elizabeth says:

      I agree with you Linda, he looks pissed off. I understand that he had a difficult weekend with the papz.
      Doubtful that it affected his performance, but I don’t like to see the pretty unhappy.

  6. chico's mama says:

    you know, after this weekend i can’t say i am surprised at him being mad. that stalking went to far. they were trying to get him to blow up. how sad that this may very well change him so much that we’ll never see smiley rob again. i want to never look at another fan site or pap pic of him agin. it hurt my heart to see him trying to be decent to those paps and not getting why some people are just not decent. but i am just as bad i guess cause i can’t let him go yet.

    • Alexandria says:

      Hi, I did notice that he is not as merry and cool as he always is, but did not know he had an episod with a pap. Can somebody tell me what happened?? Meanwhile, he, no matter what, looks GORGEOUS!!! those suspenders and that color suits him to die. I don´t know how he looks hansomer and sexier every single day.

    • texasgirl says:

      Amen sister!!! it is not fair for him to be stalked like this! I wish we could give those people a piece of our minds when they do this to him!

    • gizzy says:

      I agree he certainly looks upset. Maybe he was thinking about the scene he is about to film. It also broke my heart that he tried to reason with them and then asked the police to help and still got no where. What they do is just legal stalking.

  7. Cintia Figueiredo says:

    I read the book and it was astonishing. Now, having Robert Pattinson as Jacob in the film, I’m sure it’s gonna be outstanding. I am his fan and I am proud of it! Thanks for keeping us up to date.

  8. texasgirl says:

    There are no words!!! I agree, with that face and emotion I bet he will blow us away!!!
    Oh how we love him sooooo! I too love the sexspenders….who doesn’t love a handsome man in a black tux!

  9. texasgirl says:

    By the way, are ya’ll on the FB page that is against stalking Robert? I think it is okay to see pics while he is officially working, but after hours I don’t want to see pics of him! It’s not right…but keep bringing the beautiful movie stills! They make our day!…and nights

  10. me says:

    Does anyone know if they are shooting today, Tuesday, at the same hospital again? Or was yesterday, Monday, the final day in LA? My 2 cents – although we’re looking at paps shots here, they’re usually pretty contained around the locations, due to security concerns. The following-around-the-whole-day thing is so silly, PCH is a dangerous enough drive without 5 cars chasing someone on it. Also they shouldn’t be allowed to follow a person home. The paps’ employers should ban that practice and not pay the photogs/not buy their pics to deter them. Rob did right in asking them to be respectful, luckily no one was hurt and no fights broke out. No one can know how it feels except for that person being hounded, and he let them know how crap it is to be stalked and put in harm’s way.

  11. Holly says:

    They are done at the Hospital site and as far as I know done in LA or anywhere near it. I was actually there at the hospital yesterday and caught a glimpse of Rob! They will be moving set to Tennessee to finish filming and then it’s all over for this movie.

  12. määdie says:

    oh i soo envy the guy with the ugly shades..

  13. Clare says:

    Wow…. Is that a gun in his pocket or is he just pleased to see me?

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