*Sneak Peek* Robert Pattinson on WFE set 7.27

Update: Click HERE for the HQ, untagged images below.

Rob continued to film WFE today, 7.27, at the studio. We know pictures are coming but Angiesplace007 / theCelebrityJuicer gave our blog this sneak peek at a contact sheet.



We know you’ll wonder….Rob is reading ‘My Friend the Mercenary’.

We don’t normally do this but Angie is sharing this exclusively with our blog so please link back. Thanks :)

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63 Responses to *Sneak Peek* Robert Pattinson on WFE set 7.27

  1. NordicNina says:

    WoW, look at 4359, the face, the mouth, the look! I´m dying here!

  2. tinkrbe1l3 says:

    0889….yup…..0838….uhhhhh….0851…..0887…..oh man…..4346……i cant.

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  4. NordicNina says:

    He´s doing that on purpose!!! He knows were looking!! He seriously wants us to dream we can be his coke for a second!
    (Btw he will probably never need to pay anymore for a coke, ever, as soon cocacola see these pics!)

    • maria cyprus says:

      hahahaha that staring, that look , I feel like he’s flirting with me :P he’s a sneaky little b@stard :P

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  6. angel says:

    Anyone know the name of the book he is reading?
    I can’t make out the title.

  7. anna says:

    is that earl with him? it looks like it could be :)

  8. NordicNina says:

    0837 and 0838 is this a coke commercial or what? He is teasing us…and enyoing it just look at 0851 and his “evil” look! I love it!

    Is that a new film maybe “My friend the Mercenary”?

    Thanks for sharing

  9. Mel says:

    Looking at the sneer on his face, I wonder if Rob imagines these are the same paparazzi that cornered him on Sunday. At least they’re using long lenses and not right in his face.

  10. 30 says:

    OH HELL YEAH! He knows were watching him LMAO look at him looking all sexy!

    Rob I will be that can of coke any time, you can suck on me :)

    These pap pics I dont mind as much at least it is some what work related, (good for WTF in a way) the ones that make me sick are him being yelled at by the paps and followed down the road and not able to get home. Those paps can kiss my as*!

  11. maria cyprus says:

    OK SERIOUSLY, second set of pictures, No 0851 WTF is he lookin at? is it some kind of hotty paparazzi woman , perhaps flashing , striptease SOMETHING. I just can’t explai n that look. Its driving me insane. I feel like he’s flirting PERSONALLY with ME! :P my God he’s in a good mood. I LOVE IT. thanks for the exclusive btw … although these looks will haunt me all day making me insane, and I’ve got an exam in the morning

  12. 30 says:

    I meant WFE LMAO my bad LOL

    • MAIARA says:

      i think everybody, at least one time, typed WTF trying to write WFE and Ron trying to write Rob lol

    • Maria in Ct says:

      I do that all the time, lol! WTF instead of WFE! Don’t you all think Rob should do a Public Service Announcement for reading??? Seriously! I have bought books just because he either recommends them or is acting in a movie based on one. Adding this one to my list.

  13. MAIARA says:

    if a stare could kill, these papazz would be dead!!
    He’s playing with the camera, look the smirk! GO GO Rob!

  14. rpattzgirl says:


    that is how I want to die

  15. Oh hes smiling…oh thank heavens for that!Yesterday’s sad face must have just been reflecting the tenor of the morgue scene…

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  17. gyla says:

    He takes my breath away. Just look at him sitting there being all sexy.I wish I could trade places with that Coke :P

    • NordicNina says:

      I´m just thinking – that man sitting so close – he must be made of stone? How can he just sit there and not touching??? Everyone must be affected by all this sexiness?
      Rob i so hot he can light the cig just by looking at it!

  18. Maria in Ct says:

    0851? THUD!!!

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  20. mel says:

    Can the actor with Rob PUHLEASE be his new bodyguard. I love him so much already. He and Dean need to set up a regular rotation. That guy could kick some papz ass!

  21. BDRobP says:

    0851 is just beautiful …. hell they all are!

    Rob – I hope you know how badly we all needed to see you smile after this weekend. Sorry it was another pap pic that showed us. : (

    But seriously – I needed to see him happy after the crap day I have had. Thanks!!

  22. @patiuka says:

    I don’t understand at all! What do you mean he’s in a good mood? Hello?! It’s Rob, guys! Geez! Can’t believe some people believed in all that bul@#$%¨that papparazzi said.

  23. bibi says:

    I’ve been checking all you’re posts from day one, and I want to thank you for doing it all so well [and thank Angie for today’s. I’ll never forget the first pics of Rob on the box car leading the horse…having read the book and picturing Rob so perfect for Jacob, it made me weep to see him in the part. And aren’t the colors they used in banners, his outfit just gorgeous! It’s [ he’s ]going to be wonderful, no doubt. p.s. He should have recieved help Saturday, he should have a # he can call security from somewhere in his management! Sorry if this was too long a comment.

  24. olivia says:

    My vote is 0851, but honestly, every single one is a winner.
    And of course, as Tyler would say, they are there “just to tease us.” : )

  25. Vicki says:

    I thought maybe he was finally reading “Breaking Dawn” since he has not read it yet…:-) But someone says it “My Friend the Mercenary’

  26. Laís Tavares says:

    Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing. It is delightful to see Rob. I could do it all the time. He is incredibly sexy when he looks that way. I love to see he is having time to read. It is marvellous.

  27. Ali says:

    That book My Friend the Mercenary is not due for publication until Feb 2011 per Barnes and Noble. Author is Tom Brabazon. Is that the same author on this book? I could not locate any other book by this title. If it is the book by Brabazon, how the heck did Rob get hold of it so soon????

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  30. dtfangrrrl says:

    Looked up the book he’s reading. It’s a memoir that was released last month. Sounds fascinating, actually. Here’s a link – http://www.amazon.com/My-Friend-Mercenary-James-Brabazon/dp/1847674399

  31. flying099 says:

    I had a hell of a day. Coming back home to this is Heaven…..

  32. gyla says:

    These are some of the sexiest pictures I have seen in a long time. 4358 &4359 are to die for.0851 damned near killed me.

  33. Sylvia says:

    very nice pics all of them, but 0851 I prefere the most.

  34. aeren076 says:

    Thanks for sharing. It is delightful to see Rob. His Smile is perfect! thans WFEFilm for all work everyday!! the 0851 makes my day….yummi!!!!

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  37. Clare says:

    Ha,ha…it looks to me as though he laughing at the fact that someone would want to take a picture of him taking a drink. Love him. x

  38. Na says:

    Wow! Love every pictures of him! He is the best!
    Want to see WFE now…! XD

  39. mariarp says:

    I hope it’s okay to ask if these photos are from an official photographer?

    • tinkrbe1l3 says:

      not sure what you mean by official photographer. if you mean are they official movie photographs then no. none of the set pictures from WFE have been official. they are all pap photos.

  40. girl power says:

    Kinker Tink you have wowed me agian. Thanks for all the pretty! Maybe I will forward one or two to my mum. She’s 70 and thinks this Rob fellow is kind of cute.

  41. Alexandria says:

    Oh God, he is soooo handsome and sexy, and I love them all, but 851 is a killer. The book is “My Friend the Mercenary”. Talk to you after getting up from the first swoon of the day, for being constantly looking at these awesome pics.

  42. Kirstyemm says:

    These pics just made me think of the diet coke ad from 1996. “I just wanna make love to you”! completely true :D

  43. dtfangrrrl says:

    I went ahead and ordered the book last night. Sounded too good to pass up, whether it’s something Rob would be involved in or not. He night just be reading it for pleasure. He does like to read. The book seems too new for any movie deals to have been made already, since it just came out last month, but who knows.

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  46. epiluitz says:

    I believe ha has a hard time separating fans with the paparazzi. I get more a feel like he’s looking at the paparazzi…”If looks could kill” and then “yes, the (paparazzi) dude is dead!”. Feel bad for him! Never a moments peace!

    • tinkrbe1l3 says:

      this pap was at the studio all day everyday. cast and crew knew the photog was there and WHERE the photog would take pictures. never put security up there and didnt stop the pics…you can tell they didnt stop the pics from how many pics we have and from all day. just letting you know that while we hate some paps…they aren’t always hated by production.

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