Over 60 NEW PICS from WFE final day in Los Angeles 7.28: Rob, Christoph, @Hibbits, and more

Untitled 69

Untitled 69

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  1. mel says:

    I love all of thes pics! Thank you! For some reason, Rob on a phone is sexy. Oh, and Rob leaning on the directors chair ain’t too shabby :)

  2. Sylvia says:

    a book under the right arm and calling with the same arm and coffee in the left hand, not exacly easy it seems, by the way, verry nice smile he has, wauw

  3. Danielle Miron says:

    Very nice pictures, love to see his smiling face. Sad that these will end soon.

  4. shash says:

    who do you think he was talking to???????

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  6. Leslie-Anne Blake says:

    Rob Is sexy no matter what he is doing! I don’t think he really understands or is aware of how sexy he really is – which makes him even SEXIER!
    WOW!!! love all the faces of Rob!

  7. texasgirl says:

    Wow is he not drop dead gorgeous? I love the bodyguards stay with him and all, but dude can you not hold the book just a second longer? Sylvia, I agree his multitasking is fabulous to look at.

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