A Day in the Life of a WFE Rube: Part III from Cody Wood


Thanks for this Cody, I’ve been loving  your detailed view from the set!

Cody Wood WFE Rube ;)

Cody has been sharing his Water for Elephants filming story with us and is back with his third installment.  Have you missed the first two editions? Click away for Part 1 and Part 2.

“Ladies and Gentleman!” His hand stretched toward us and traced the circular bleachers. He wore a bright red jacket neatly stuffed with a crisp white handkerchief. The black top hat fit snugly and in his left hand he held a long black baton. “… The most spectacular show on earth!!” He shot his baton toward the entrance of the tent and the crowd erupted with applause. I clapped my hands and whooped. There were no animals entering the tent as suggested. In fact, absolutely nothing happened but we continued to cheer. Christoph Waltz had made an announcement that caused our hair to stand on end and imaginations to run wild.

By the third take some of the magic had worn off but Christoph continued the performance like it had been his first. Once the shot was complete we returned to our holding tent. I found an area of the tent where a steady breeze of air came through and wrote song titles inspired by the story of Water for Elephants. 

Read the rest of Cody’s fantastic story HERE.


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