~WFE fan art~ New Coca-Cola DeskRobs

Robowski drinking classic coke from that iconic old-fashioned bottle has proven to be inspirational!

by DreamySim1 (Click to make it BIGGER)

by MyRobAddiction (Click to make it BIGGER)

And not a Coke theme but beautiful just the same. By twveronika (Click to… you know the drill ;) )

I’ve followed Kinker Tink’s example and set my WFE wallpapers up to change every 15 minutes! Want to do that too but feel… technology-challenged? ;) I was too. First, put the deskRobs/wallpapers that you want to rotate in a file. Then go to Start, select “Control Panel” and then  “Appearance and Personalization”. Under “Personalization” select “Choose your desktop background” and from there browse for your folder of Rob/WFE goodies. Select “shuffle”, your time preference and your good to go! Don’t forget to SAVE your changes.

All wallpapers via ThinkingofRob

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  1. Roblover says:

    Oh how beautiful. Beautiful subject. Rob of course.

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