PHOTO: Amber’s Awesome Robowski Pic

Lucky extra Amber McDonald got a pic with Robowski!

Robowski poses with extra during a filming break in Chattanooga

by Amber Christian McDonald :: Via

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23 Responses to PHOTO: Amber’s Awesome Robowski Pic

  1. Julie says:

    This is an amazing picture of Rob. He looks delicious!!

  2. sjaantje says:

    Very lucky woman! Is it just me or does it look like someone is gearing up for “Edward” hair again?

  3. MAIARA says:

    nice body!!!

  4. Razz says:

    Woah! Rob has pecs!!
    Hawt body, Rob! :D

  5. Sus says:

    OMG! That is an incredible picture of Rob. Is it me, or he just getting more and more handsome as he ages? GAWD!!! He is too hawt! What a lucky cougar, ah…woman! Wish it was me!

  6. ransomfan says:

    Rob is always so sweet and nice to people, always willing to let them get a picture with him, just soooo sweet!

  7. Koni says:

    Holy pecs Batman! I keep scrolling up to look at that picture and it is like looking at the sun! Seriously, I have to keep looking away :) It is too hawt for words. My word, where on earth did the pecs come from? He always kids around in interviews that he has a teenager body. Well, all I can say is Mr. Pattinson has been holding out on us ladies! Woot! Keep up the good work Rob! You are going to kill millions when you bare it for Breaking Dawn!

  8. marie says:

    He looks amazing!!!
    thanks for the pic and for all your work for the blog ladies :)

  9. RoslynSelene says:

    Time of death-3:42pm

  10. sbell says:

    Where in chattanooga was this. Or was this in georgia

  11. louise says:

    oh my crikey!!! (just picked myself off the floor!!) how hot is he in this one, she is one hellava lucky gal, has he been working out cause that chest is to die for or maybe hes just growing more hotter with age! my lord i would love to rub my hands all over that singlet covered chest! can’t wait for this movie, don’t know what i’m gonna do when this film finishes shooting, theres gonna be a rob drought for sure until the filming of breaking dawn.

  12. Ali says:

    Rob has put on some serious muscle during this film. Check out the pecs! *swoon*

  13. Llj says:

    I wonder what he is reading?! He has had that book for a while. I tried to figure it out but couldn’t find it. :(

  14. gyla says:

    No. Sus it’s not just you. He actually is getting better looking. By the frickin day.

  15. keila says:


  16. gyla says:

    I’ve been thinking lately that the clothes he has been wearing make his chest and shoulders look broader. Maybe its not just the clothes. Hes looking pretty buff in this picture and it isn’t the clothes that are covering him that make him look that way.Damn he is looking all kinds of Smokin Hot in this pic. Yummy :)

  17. Cecilia says:

    idk how many times ive stared at this picture today. omg he is sooo hot and sexy! he looks soo good in that white shirt and button down over it. *FAINT* if i saw him in person lol

  18. Red_Headed_Lust says:

    That’s a damn fine pic of him!

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