PHOTOS & REPORT: Set Soldier Rose Shares Her #WFE Chattanooga Experience

Thank you to Rose for sharing! More pics at the end of the post.

The Jankowski House

My WFE Experience

My experience started on July 21 when I saw the comment that Rob was coming to Chattanooga. I was, ironically enough, in a workshop called Lights, Camera, Action, when I became bored and checked several websites on my phone for anything Rob related.

When I saw that comment, I hit my very sunburned friend on her leg and said in disbelief, “Rob is coming to Chattanooga!!!” After glaring at me for hitting her sunburn, she looked on in awe at the comment. I knew right then I was going to do everything I could to get a chance to see Rob!

I started typing in Robert Pattinson coming to Chattanooga into my search engine and came across another website that was promising. This turned out to the be . People were leaving comments there that were basic until around July 24 when someone gave an address and it sounded authentic. When the information started to become more concrete, I decided to go to the site before the chaos began on July 26. One of my searches for West Cove Rd (WCR) was for a house for sale, so I typed that into my GPS and off I went. This location was about 5 miles away but I knew if I kept going I would see the house and I did…and WRCB 3 had beat me there! They drove up to the owner’s house and were just walking around so I decided to go see what they knew.

It was the strangest conversation. We were talking around the event and not giving each other much information. They did tell me that the owners were coming home and they were waiting to interview them. I told them that I hated to see them there since then everyone would know about this site! Kay Smith responded that this was BIG news for the area and she had to report it. I said my goodbyes, not realizing she would interview me early Friday morning and put me on TV not once, but twice!

I then contacted another Robsessed friend that I had chatted to online but never met and we decided to meet up in the wee hours Friday morning to go to the site together. Crystal lives in GA and I live in AL so we meet up about 10 miles from the house for the first time and bonded immediately!

We drove to the site and there were about 50 people there. I met another internet friend, Nicole, and bonded with her as well! Several cars came by and unknowingly Rob went by us without anyone knowing it. The cops came around daybreak and said we had to leave. I flagged down the cop and asked how far away was “ok” and found a spot. I then asked the neighbors if it was ok to park there. They said to ask the couple across the road. An elderly gentleman was getting into his truck to get the paper from his mailbox (about 50 ft away) and I said the least I could do was get the paper for him. He was very sweet and said I could park my car where it was and could even go out into the pasture beside the house as long as I didn’t let the cows out (and one bull with loooong horns)!

We eventually made our way into the pasture and kept creeping forward. Through our binoculars we saw Rob going to get water. We then realized that this actual pasture was owned by someone else and fortunately we received permission from them to be there as well. At this time Nicole got to go close to the set and saw Rob. She decided to leave and we stayed. A crew member saw us and flagged me over. I thought I was in trouble but all he said was, “Why are you so far back!?!” After talking to him for a few minutes (he even gave us water bottles) we found a great spot and sat down.
Another “higher up” crew member saw us and basically said we were too obvious and had to stay back and out of sight. About 5 minutes later a black SUV arrives and Rob steps out!! We knew it was his car and I had the camera ready to take pictures but was too star struck to take a shot. He jumped out of the SUV walking fast and was really swinging his arms and all I could do was say, “Look at that butt!” I’ve always thought Rob had a flat butt; not anymore! It looked FINE in those wool pants, let me tell you!

Rob shot all his scenes in the house during this time. Another actor showed up and I assume he was the lawyer who told Jacob that his parents’ home was mortgaged and wasn’t his anymore. There was a lot of action on the front porch and I finally realized they were aiming the camera at the front window and were going to film Rob looking out the window. I really tried to get a picture of Rob when they broke for lunch, but they turned out all blurry and I almost missed seeing Rob altogether!

We didn’t know how long the lunch break was going to be and Crystal had to get back home so we left. We didn’t realize that the best was yet to come! After we left is when Rob came back and filmed the parts where he was in a suit and leaving the house and used the old vehicles. I don’t think our pictures would have been top quality if we had stayed, but I’m sure we would have caught a few more glimpses of our man!

The next day, we went to the Tennessee Railroad Museum and took pictures of the cars with Benzini Circus on them and walked around downtown Chattanooga for a bit. We met a very interesting older gentlemen who was sitting with several ladies wearing Rob shirts. He was also from Alabama and started showing us pictures on his camera that he and his wife had taken over the last few months.

His wife (not him!) was a big Rob fan and he had gone with her to the premiere of Eclipse and had some GREAT pictures of everyone, especially Rob and Kristen. They had also been to the CA site and had pictures of the Big Top. They also went Saturday morning to the GA site and had a picture of the house. This made me feel “less cougar like” since this lady was about 20 years older than even me!

I have plans to go find the set at the TN RR Museum tomorrow with my friend Crystal and Stephanie (the poor sunburned lady at the beginning of this story!). My hope of seeing Rob in an urban setting are slim but I will be more than happy just to the set with all the equipment ready for the magical words of Lights, Camera, Action!

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22 Responses to PHOTOS & REPORT: Set Soldier Rose Shares Her #WFE Chattanooga Experience

  1. tinkrbe1l3 says:

    i love this lady! when i saw her interview i loved her commented on his jaw :) #jawporn

  2. Karen Holloway says:

    This was a real interesting article. I live so close but it might as well be a million miles away….glad this lady could take these cool pics…

  3. Donna says:

    Love ur story. I actually didn’t get to go to the house, but I enjoy seeing the pics on here. I’ve too been to the museum, & heard they are filming tomorrow. If you know of any times, will you please find me on Facebook under Donna Peters, location Dalton, GA. or u can email me As far as the TN Railroad Museum, I talked to the set up crew today & they said filming was going to be in a tunnel. I’m not sure about the time. Good luck & again thanks for the story.

  4. RoseT says:

    This was an awesome weekend and I love to share good stories! Thanks for the reply, Karen.

  5. Melinda says:

    I live in Cleveland, TN (about 30 miles north of Chattanooga) & my sister in law decided to check out the rumours when we heard about it. We went to the house, the Chattanooga Choo-choo & the Tn Valley Railroad Museum. We finally got a peek at Rob at the house & we got some great pics on our phones because (as my luck is pretty crappy) the batteries in my camera were dead. It was really a big deal for them to be filming a major motion picture in Chattanooga, and I wish they’d do it more often. The areas (Chattanooga, Cleveland, Ocoee, ect) are are so beautiful & deserve to be recognized! :D Anyway, I’m glad I found this site. I will be adding it to my favs so I can find my way back! I’m glad you got to see Rob! I can hardly wait to see the movie!!!

    • Oh, Melinda, if you are just now finding this site, you definitely need to go back through the archives and read all of the articles, as well as their sister sites. This has been one fantastic (train) ride :)


  6. Katie says:

    sounds like you got a LOT more luck seeing Rob than i did! i still have yet to see him!

    but i was reading about the couple you met, and i think i met the same people! Jack & Dianne?? haha for real they have those exact same pictures as described!! LOL :D

  7. Nancy Clark says:

    I, too, would be so enraptured that I would forget to take a picture! I saw the interview and the comment on the jaw and ‘he’s a beautiful man!” Swoon. What a guy to have so many women of all ages in love with him. Cannot wait for WFE and BA to come out! I hope he has a long career. I am anticipating what future movies he will select. I would love to see him bring Jamie to life from Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.

  8. Bets says:

    Rose..I really loved the article and the whole experience was so interesting. This is one hell of an experience that you will never regret and remember over time. Im really happy for you and the poor hubby..well he has to get over it LOL!

    Love x0x0

    • RoseT says:

      HAHA! You’re right! He just HAS to get over it because when is it going to end…not for a long time! Especially with you feeding me pictures and stories all the time!

  9. Sandy says:

    Enjoyed reading your story Rose! Saw you on the tv interview and was glad to see I am not the only cougar who enjoys “The Chosen One” ! Sounded like you had yourself an excellent adventure!!

  10. Maria says:

    Oh Rose, you made me spit out my Coke (please, you know we are all drinking some kind of Coke product after last weeks pics! Be honest. LOL) with the butt comment. You are a hoot! Thanks so much for sharing your adventure. I hope you will update if you have any more.

  11. Kim says:

    Rose, I loved your story and I loved your comment on channel 3 news about the jawline. You are sooooo right!

  12. Sue says:

    Great pixs and article!!… all were so lucky to have been apart of WFE’s experience…I’m so jealous!! Loved your interview and your description of Rob….PERFECT!!

  13. Another amazing fan story. I am just so proud to be a part of this fandom! Rose, you got some great pictures. Having just taken a road trip over the weekend (five hours each way) to meet two fellow bloggers in real life and see a Joan Jett concert together, I can totally relate to the fact that you can bond immediately with the people we “meet” on the internet because of Twi/Rob.

    Great pictures. Thanks so much for sharing. Do you have a link to the TV interview so we can see it?

    Thanks for sharing!


  14. Linda says:

    Close enough to “evaluate” his butt! I’m so jealous! I cannot imagine how hot (and I mean temperature-wise) Rob must have been in a wool suit in this heat! Poor guy!! Thanks for sharing!!

  15. Lydia says:

    Rose I loved your story and your interview. I couldn’t agree with you more, he’s a beautiful man. There’s a lot of husbands out there, mine included, who are supportive of their Robcat wives. (Cougar seems too predatory, even though I’m about 2x’s Rob’s age.) However, I don’t think my hubby is quite as understanding as the gentleman that you met. I can’t see him traipsing around with me, but he’d encourage me on my own pursuits. I’m a little green with envy of your adventure. I’m about 700 miles away in Pennsylvania, so I have to get my glimpses of Rob vicariously. Thanks for sharing.

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