Rosie’s Week in Review ~August 1~ with bonus UHQ Robowski!

Here’s your review, what a week! Click away on links to pictures and set news and more!!

All the pictures and news from Water for Elephants wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without Kinker Tink and her Rogue Reporter act. She’s been there through the casting of extras and chasing choo choos. And then – a movie miracle. Kinker Tink was invited to meet some of the production team on the last day of LA filming. *wipes tears of pride* Read the epic story HERE.

Tink and the gang! Francis Lawrence's asst, Janette and WFE producers, Gil Netter (left) and Andrew Tennenbaum (right)

Kinker Jen posted a fab introduction to Southern Hospitality. And sharing is caring ;) Read a funny fan report from the Georgia WFE set.

We found (and were sent) lots of set information. Click away to read about the TRAINS, the stand-in University for CORNELL and the JANKOWSKI HOME. You might want to turn on all the lights before reading about the set for the morgue scene. *shudder* You’ve been warned. Click HERE. If you dare. Mwahahahahah.

Lots more, including even gorgeouser UHQ Robowksi after the jump!

Christoph Waltz talked Water for Elephants, Oscar possibilites and named his favourite WFE co-star. Read it all HERE. Kinker JAG posted an audio clip in which Rob discusses his role in WFE. Listen HERE. We also had pictures as Rob landed in Nashville en route to the TN set. See those HERE.

Christoph is going to kill as August

There was so much Robowski. Something for everyone… Click and click again to go to pic posts and feast your eyes!

We met Coca-cola Rob and Wet Rob. There are contact sheets from “the one who should be Rob’s personal photographer” Angiesplace007 and an HQ gallery. Then production went South and we glimpsed Bowtie Rob. But this…. hands down my personal favourite from the past week.

Click to download a UHQ version.

 Can’t wait for Water for Elephants to show up in theatres?? Neither can WE. Kinker Tink made a beautiful countdown widget… alas it will not work on the H2O blog. *sadelephant* But you can use it on your blog!! Click HERE to download the widget. ENJOY.

And yes, a countdown means there’s a release date. Mark your calendars. APRIL 15th, 2011 is my life now!!

Filming may be wrapping up but we’ll still be here with post production news, contests, trivia and more. :)


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14 Responses to Rosie’s Week in Review ~August 1~ with bonus UHQ Robowski!

  1. Leann says:

    Thanks so much for the free countdown widget…it’s awesome! And thanks for doing such a great job reporting and supporting this film. I am so excited to see it!

  2. Just another middle-aged Rob fan says:

    Maybe we could start a facebook page to try and get this beautiful young man to quit smoking. We want him happy and healthy forever. The longer he lives, the more of him we get to see.

  3. Gozde says:

    Lookin’ good Tink :)

  4. Red_Headed_Lust says:

    Lookin sexy Tink! You rock!

  5. bibi says:

    Stop with the non-smoking comments, it’s personal, and nobody’s business! At 24, and working so hard, he desereves to find his pleasures where he can! God, he’s gorgeous!

  6. Redward Fan says:

    I would also love to see him quit the habit. Like it or not he has become the role model for millions of young girls. It would be nice to leave them with a good message. It became every Mom’s business the minute he turned in to the screaming young heart throb that he is today. No debating that he is gorgeous though. ;-)

  7. Sandy says:

    Thanks so much for the widget(I proudly posted it on my FB page for all to see)! A big thank you to Angie for the beautiful pics she took and all the fans for sharing their amazing experiences! And to all the kinkers(and yes you Tink), ‘yall are truly my heroes!!

  8. Christy says:

    I am going to miss these reports! Thanks for the updates.

  9. RobCatCdn says:

    You kinkers sure had a busy week! Tink … so happy for you re: your encounter. Thanks ladies for all this important Rob-related info. & for the recap Deb. :-) <3

  10. Princessknight says:

    Thank you to all the Kinkers for keeping us up to date with all the news, stories and pictures of what looks to be a very good movie. I’ve followed your postings everyday and can’t wait to actually see this movie. The book was very good and it seems the casting of these stars will make the movie even better. It’s been very intersting to see the progress of this film and I look forward to the next chapter. Keep up the good work.

  11. Debbie says:

    That UHQ pic of Rob is definitely yummy . . . but I WISH we could find UHQ pics of Rob from back when he was all sweaty & dirty in that ‘wife-beater’/tank top, instead of the tiny, grainy little pics that have been circulating around the net for the past couple months.

  12. tinkrbe1l3 says:

    i love kinker debb’s black border collages.

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