It’s a LOVE fest: WFE fans around the world say THANK YOU and spread their LOVE & SUPPORT

Last night I was feeling the twitter energy. @Hibbits tweeted:

One day left…

and we got all emo. Taking it to the ‘nets, I thought, “let’s try and trend #WFE.” While we are still working on the trend, something better happened. Fans from around the world started sharing how excited and appreciative they are for the movie. I was in awe of how widespread the love was.

The first country that gave a shout was Venezuela. And from there…it took off:

Chile, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Italy, Greece, India, Switzerland, Malaysia, Thailand, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Mexico, British Colombia, Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Honduras, Germany, Philipines & Indonesia

And so many States

California, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Louisiana, Arizona, Ohio, Kentucky, Alaska, Connecticut, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Jaw-Ja, Tennessee, New York, New Jersey, Virgina, West Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Arkansas, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Maryland, Maine, Maryland, Nevada, Nebraska, Hawaii, Missouri, & Minnesota

How exciting, right?! And we KNOW there are more out there. These are just the fans that were up last night (pacific standard time) and joining the #WFE trend party.

Waking up this morning, we got another tweet from the ever-awesome @Hibbits:

Last day… Jacob jumping the train for the first time.

Getting all emo again, I went to the ‘nets and asked y’all to share your thoughts and feelings surrounding the filming of WFE. Here’s what many of you have said:

so much LOVE for WFE :)

Feel the love after the jump


Reading #WFE tweets & blogs always make my day better! Following this film was not only interesting but just pure joy! 4 those that love #WFE book or just fans of Rob, Christoph & Reese, we give thanks 2 all involved 4 making this film *hugs* character Jacob, his integrity & love for the animals, like Rosie, captured my heart, so can’t wait 2 see on screen.


LOL all the goodness of rob, reese and christophe..but mainly rob! LOL! #WFE!


seeing Rob take on a role in a different time period.


Pics of Dirty Rob in suspenders, obviously.


It was an adventure; seeing pics & hearing from @Hibbits !! We got to live thru it & on 4/15 we get to see it come to life.


Following the process from beginning til now. Hope @Hibbits will keep us in loop til premiere of #WFE


I have enjoyed seeing all the pics and knowing that this awesome book is coming to life!


I <3ed riding the Benzini train even though I was sweating like a whore in church.


Having a glimpse of what the characters will look like…and also meet the lovely Rosie and Queenie. ;)


I’m thankful for all the pics and news from the set and for seeing Rob enjoying his job!Also I can’t wait to see the movie


Sydney is TOTALLY supporting #WFE. My fav book coming to a screen soon with Christoph (OMG) Reese (AMAZING) & Rob (HELLO!)


I enjoyed posts by members of cast, extras, roustabouts, etc. about their experiences on set & the filming process. #WFE 


thanks #WFE my coulrophobia (fear of clowns) is gone LOL


as a fan of the book, my fave part of the filming experience is just knowing that this masterpiece is being brought to life


ROB playing with elephants!


I’ve loved the tweet updates from @Hibbits and all the rousty experiences! Not to forget the set pictures!


I enjoyed taking the trip out to Piru, meeting C.Waltz and the very kind crew. And the AWESOME Set soldiers! Love u Girls! I am so grateful to C.Waltz for his generosity to me for stopping and taking a photo. So kind! Thank you from Pennsylvania


Of course one of the best things about the #WFE filming is @Hibbits and his wonderful updates! I’ve become such a big fan!


I have loved how we were kept in the loop during the process. Loved the book. Can’t wait to see movie.


I’ve loved the way everyone have come together n how passionate the cast n crew are:) I love the Oscar talk as well :) #WFE


the roustabouts and others have been so entertaining and the night I spent at the set with my gf’s-sum came and said hi- one signed my #WFE book and they all waved and were super sweet!


The best thing about the #WFE filming experience for me was the cast & @Hibbits sharing info about scenes being filmed :o)


My favorite experience was having the opportunity to visit the #WFE set one day and meet some of the cast!!!


The very best thing about #WFE thus far has been the casting of a supremely f*ckalicious Jacob! #YESIAMAH00R!


That @Hibbits & cast shared so much w/ fans


Got the whole family reading #WFE. We can’t wait for the movie!


the wonderful @Hibbits! such a terrific person for keeping us in the loop! thanks for that! #WFE Thankful for our #Roustabouts who kept us up to date! thanks you guys! you made this a great sharing experience! #WFE


I loved that @Hibbits kept us on the loop for #WFE filming. Hope to hear from him during post-production, too! Loved all the tweeting from the cast and crew members, and the first-person accounts of their experiences in #WFE. I think Coca Cola sales will skyrocket thanks to Rob drinking it on the #WFE set! I’m craving 1 right now!


It’s been a JOY seeing photos of Rob almost daily on the set of WFE.


One of my fave parts of #WFE filming? Rob always looked like he was having FUN! Great job @hibbits! and a HUGE shout out to the #WFE SET SOLDIERS! They kept the stories and pics coming!


I’ll miss jacob! mad to see the movie!


Thank you and @Hibbits for keeping us up to date. Can’t wait for release! #WFE


Love animals and the horses look gorgeous.


The great job the crew & @Hibbits did in giving a piece of the movie before it’s even out. That’s what I ♥’d from #WFE.


I love all pics from the #WFE movie,gonna be a huge film. and of course Jacob Jankowski one of the best novel characters


the attention to detail paid to this film thus far! U can see the oscar from a mile away! Every pic, vid, tweet posted just makes the anticipation level go through the roof! Thank u @hibbits for everything!!


my fave experience was seeing @hibbits he’s so nice waving at us set soldiers in piru all the time when he saw us


@hibbits thank you so much for letting all of the #WFE fans be a part of this awesome experience! We all appreciate it!!!


It’s been nice fans can feel part of the film without being there, getting enough info, but not too much. #WFE Tease ( ; I can’t wait to hear what Jacob’s voice sounds like? Rob is so good at making each character sound different.


I loved all of the twitter updates you guys posted – it is exciting to see the book come to life!


I loved the people (fans, director, extras, YOU guys, etc.) sharing their #WFE experience w/us & informing us on updates.


thanks so much for tweeting all the info and pics from the set!It was a blast!


i loved everything about #WFE,but my favorite part had to be rob’s tuxedo and haircut lol, and the entire cast in general


I loved all the set pics, tweets from the director, and stories from the extras thank you for sharing so much!!! #WFE


I loved seeing the whole process of making a movie..not many ppl realize how much work goes into it. it makes you appreciate it more when you see the finished product in the theater :


I loved the set soldiers lol they were so sweet and nice enough to share their pics with us


I <3 that people fell in love with the amazing book, Water for Elephants. Great reads are alive & well!!


I loved the fact that @Hibbits chose TN as a film spot. Visiting the sets & meeting some of the set crew was my fave. And the way @Hibbits has kept us in the loop on what’s happening has truly been a pleasure.


What I loved the most was Rob being perfect for the role of Jacob!


Robert and Reese of course.. The whole crew, sets and I love the book…


loved the whole Hollywood atmosphere, meeting other fans, chatting with cast & crew, and getting glimpses of Rob!


I LOVED watching a beautifully written story being brought to life by the phenomenal trio, Rob, Reese, Christoph. #WFE TO THE OSCARS! I loved that the cast & crew shot in real locations, with real animals. I enjoyed Tai as Rosie. She was absolutely PERFECT. I loved that the casting couldn’t be more perfect. From Jacob, to Marlena, Walter, August, Rosie, Queenie…


the fact that Rob and the crew got to film in and hopefully enjoy the scenic city, made the last 5 days pretty exciting ;)


spending 30 hours in an artichoke field in Piru and met some pretty awesome ppl….


I enjoyed all of the set pics that came our way from the dedicated #WFE cast and extras


the best thing about this filming experience was to get the chance to work with such a nice cast and crew!


I loved @Rosie_Elephant tweets.


<3 that I’m still dying 2 watch it! Not as many spoilers as I’d expected


will miss the set updates for #WFE tough…wonder what’s next for Tai/Rosie?


I loved how inclusive @hibbits was with the fans! I can’t wait to see this amazing story brought to life! #WFE


I loved on set pics, especially Rob’s, and reading roustabouts and rubes experiences on set, they were awesome!!!


book is so romantic & the movie with Rob just makes it so much better! He’s the perfect Jacob for Marlena. Can’t wait. It was wonderful to have info & pics from the “insiders”. Was a great experience and will be so much fun watching #WFE


I think the best has been feeling like we are involved in the whole process, it’s been amazing #WFE & seeing Rob sneek out


I loved how much happiness and joy was experienced. They had such a great experience. Hopefully that will show on screen.


I loved being able to see a little piece of what it takes to make a movie, loved all the pics of the actors in costume, and appreciated Hibbits taking time to let the fans know what was going on. So generous of him. AND Rob is great actor!


I’m going to miss #WFE. I loved everything about the shooting, the cast and crew is amazing.


I like seeing the new pictures of Rob on the set. He looks so sexy :)


It was so exciting for the Chattanooga area to have filming done here and be able to see it first-hand!


thank you so much for keeping us up on everything #WFE. It has given me a love for the movie before even reading the book.


Thank You @Hibbits so much for sharing ur film w/us. 2d cast n crew our love. 2d websites n set soldiers Thank You!! #WFE

I wanted to do a post that showed just how grateful the WFE fans are. If you read my encounter with the WFE producers, you know that at one point in the conversation, they were reserved about early celebrations of success. I can understand that completely. But when you talk to fans on a daily basis for the last several months and you see the popularity of the film increase statistically…you can’t help but be extremely excited and confident in the film’s success. We see it. Everyday. You guys are getting the word out there and the buzz is palpable.

The film may be wrapping today but we go on. This blog will continue to keep you posted on news and updates from Francis Lawrence. We’ll also revisit our archives since interest has increased considerably. We have loads to share and contests to hosts and special treats on the horizon.

We love Water For Elephants. We love the WFE, Rob, and Twilight blogs that joined the circus with us. We love Rob, Reese, Christoph, and Rosie/Tai. We love all the other actors and those extra special extras. We love all the animals and their trainers. We love the folks holding it down on IMDb forums. We love the production team and all the WFE crew. We love Sara Gruen and her publishers. We love set soldiers and Angie’s photography. We love Francis Lawrence. And we love all of you, the WFE fans that make everything more ‘spectacular’.

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58 Responses to It’s a LOVE fest: WFE fans around the world say THANK YOU and spread their LOVE & SUPPORT

  1. epiluitz says:

    From Sweden…
    Just want to say that my interest in WFE started because of my interest of Rob P, but it now is an interest in the story too and I love what I’ve seen and read so far. Thanx for everything!

  2. Sue says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the WFE blog from start to finish!! This story that Saraa wrote is amazing and it just totally tugged at my heart strings. Seeing Rob bring Jacob to life is going to do me in….and when he meets Rosie…thats going to be a joy to see!! Seeing all the actors,the period costumes, scenery, the animals, and of course the BIG TOP was wonderful. Mr Lawrence did not skimp on authenticity its over the top!! So looking forward to April 2011!! Thank you all for your hard work and dedication on WFE!!

  3. Alice87 says:

    From Germany:

    All I can say is that I´m getting EMO too, after I´ve read all this tweets…. *sniff*

    Thanx guys for all the wonderful WFE-Moments you brought to us…..

  4. MAIARA says:

    YAY Brazil supports WFE !!!

    • MAIARA says:

      WFE is a great book, i know with this great director and wonderful cast, it will be as well a great movie.
      Can not wait!!
      Really looking foward Old Jacob !!!

  5. Sylvia says:

    Thanks for sharing every thing. I will miss all this. (btw, you forgot to mention Belgium). And of course the nice pics of our beautiful Rob. Now its waiting till de movie comes out, can’t wait.
    Sylvia from Belgium

  6. floryp says:

    AW! Sweet post! I can’t believe it’s over!!!

    I just can’t wait for this movie… I guess it’s because I read the book (and I loved it), and I really want to see what they’ve done. I’m sure I’m going to love it!

    Thanks for keeping us updated on everything that’s been happening on the WFE set!

  7. Myta says:

    Hello!!thanks so much for all, I haven’t lived nothing like this with another movie, it was amazing :) greetings from Sevilla (Spain).

  8. penni says:

    Personally I feel as if I have been part of the WFE film the whole way through. I have loved seeing Rob take on this role and how much he has enjoyed making the film. I already knew he was a talented, mature and extremely caring person for all this fans. I also know how hard working everybody else has been as well in bring this wonderful story to life. Well done to everyone involved in the making of this great story and I hope it gets the recognition it deserves.

  9. Veronika says:

    I’m from Slovakia, Europe..It’s too far to participate the shootings and stuff, and even my english isn’t perfect lol, but I support the movie 110% from here. Loved every single moment, every amazing (true that unofficial) pictures, and love not just the main charakters, but every single background actor, the whole crew and cast, all the beautiful animals and of course the most amazing director, who deserves all the love from us fans..He’s doing so much for this film to came true, and I love his tweets he shared with us. Sometimes I was really sad I live so far, and don’t have a chance to meet the actors, and see the set..I can’t wait to see the film, it’ll be an Oscar winner I swear :) I just hope my country’s going to release asap. :)

  10. Tonya Crone says:

    I am currently reading the book and cannot for the life of me put it down. It is so good and I am so excited to see it brought to the big screen. I have been looking daily for the pics of shooting and just get chills. This is an amazing cast and the movie is going to be amazing!!!!!!!!!

  11. rpattzgirl says:

    Once again proving that Rob has the BEST fans in the world!!

    Go Team Rob…Go #WFE

  12. Lisa says:

    From Oklahoma – so many thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences from this filming exceptional movie – we feel like we were such a part of what was going on and can not wait for the film to come out. So happy for Rob to see him have these great opportunities to show the world the many different roles he can play – he is amazing. (of course we knew it already) but so excited for him. Seeing him become Jacob and working with the animals brought a tear to my eyes. He is such a caring and down to earth person – you can’t help but adore him. Love him and support him in all he does. Congrats Rob and WFE.

  13. olivia says:

    Thank you Francis Lawrence, amazing cast, crew, and everyone involved in bringing to life in film, with such authenticity and love, the wonderful novel, WFE. And of course, a big thank you to Sara Gruen for her amazing talent and dedication to researching, developing and writing WFE. I appreciate the devotion to this project, passion for excellence, and desire to spread the enthusiasm around the world about everything connected to WFE by the kinkers. Love and big hugs to all of you. May the film be successful beyond your wildest dreams. Just being along for the ride during production through this web site has been a spectacular adventure. Thank you to all who have shared their experiences, photos and comments so graciously.
    I stand up and applaud you.

  14. ElephantsFaithful100% says:

    I have never followed a filming of a movie so closely before, and it has been amazing! Being from the midwest, it was awesome to be able to see the Piru set in person while vacationing in LA (oh and not to mention seeing Rob at the Eclipse premiere:-D.) I will never forget it, and I cannot wait to see the movie. I feel like I was a part of it..:-)

    Thanks from us in Missouri to everyone who made it possible to follow this project!!!

  15. nancy C says:

    Social media sure made this a very interesting film to live with vicariously. I loved the book, it is on my top 10 books list. Robkowski is going to be phenomenal, portraying a womderful, engaging male character! Can’t wait to see the book brought to life! Thanks to all who contributed photos and comments. This is my favorite blog, you gals are great. I know we all share loving dazzling Rob.

  16. It was very cool to be part of the trending (Illinois). Thanks for the thanks and high fives all around to the best fans ever!

  17. dtfangrrrl says:

    I’m sending WFE love and support from Illinois! :)

  18. Jen says:

    I’m going to miss the WFE updates but can’t wait to see the movie!!

  19. Carebear90210 says:

    im definately sending WFE love from southern Illinois!! :)

  20. ConstanC2Rob says:

    The casting is perfect, the scenes authentic , the action exciting….so happy to have seen the big top go up with you.It has been quite something to see every day. I will count down the days until we get to buy our ticket and see this spectectular show come to life on the big screen.Thank you for sharing it with us…you guys are great!

  21. jan says:

    I noticed that Singapore was not mentioned and I’m gonna redress that straightaway…

    “To all in the WfE universe:

    It’s been a BLAST following the development of this amazing movie and I’ve noticed the local bookstores upping the number of WfE books on their shelves over the past months!
    So happy that things are progressing swimmingly and can’t wait for more updates as we approach 15 April 2011.
    Cheers to all from my little island in South East Asia!”

  22. Carroll says:

    Thanks for all of your hard work. My mom died two weeks ago from Alzheimer’s, and the last few months have been very difficult. It’s been so wonderful to escape for a few minutes every day and visit the circus. I loved spending time with the WFE family. All of you did a great job taking us along on your fun adventure! Can’t wait until April. LOL.

  23. GlassGirl1972 says:

    I feel like I need to have somebody ‘sign my yearbook’ *sniff*
    Gonna miss the new ROBOWSKI pics in my inbox… that was like Christmas everyday and Santa knew exactly who (umm…. I mean WHAT) was on my ‘Naughty Wish’ list!! lol!!

  24. Jeanette J says:

    Dammit! I tried to get Delaware to get in but only one person can only do so much lol!

  25. Wiltshire Glo says:

    Thanks to everyone. I’m in the UK and the blogs and twitters have been such fun…. worth being an insomniac for! Lol! I’m a closet Ho0r; a #WFE koochie and definitely a devotee of the worldwide lovefest.
    What a fab Director to share so much. I’m soooo excited for April 2011 …. and Oscars 2012….?
    Keep up with the updates, the giggles and robporn – thanks to all kinkers for the bonus of humour :))

  26. Lydia says:

    I became interested in WFE because of Rob. He picks interesting projects. WFE is a prime example. I loved the book. All of the images and updates provided by this classy site have really drawn me in. Everything seems so true to the book. Given all of the scenes filmed at the magical times of day – sunrise and sunset, this movie will be amazing on the big screen. Thanks to @Hibbits in allowing us to share in the experience. I’ve never had the privilege before of following the making of a movie from the beginning. I appreciate all of the hardward of the kinkers and set soldiers. The entire cast from the leads to the extras is amazing. I can’t wait for the movie. Kudos!!!

  27. Roblover says:

    How do I love WFE? Let me count the ways. I look forward to the day when WFE will be in the theatre.

  28. Tineo27 says:

    So freaking cool that the first country to ‘shout’ was Venezuela! :)
    All the support from Latinoamerica! I’ve been yearning this movie…
    Super thrilled!

    Love from Caracas – Vnzla

  29. To you Illinois (and Iowa) fans, hello from the Quad Cities!!

    To you Missouri fans, go Cardinals!

  30. rpattzgirl says:

    I’ll say what I said earlier…
    @Hibbits no words can describe the gratitude we all feel towards you for allowing us into your world and the world of #WFE. Not many directors would take the time out of their busy day to take care of the fans. You showed us love, respect and grace, and let us know how important this project is.
    You realized pretty quickly how passionate we all are, and you never forgot us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    And to add to that……………………..
    thank you so much for this blog and all the kinkers….you made my day just about every day!

  31. rhonda says:

    I have never followed a film throughout production like I have this one. I love how everyone from the director to the extras shared their experience with the fans via twitter and this wonderful fan site. There have been great vibes on this set since day 1 as far as I can tell. There is no way that much positivity can produce anything less than a stellar film. I have faith this film will do an amazing amount of justice to such a beloved book. I cannot wait to see all the animals, performers, and roustys on the big screen. Best of luck in wrapping up this film, Francis, and thanks again for making the fans feel so involved. I was there in Walker County for the Jankowski home shots and it is an experience I will never forget.

  32. Ali says:

    Thank you for making us, the fans of the book so much a part of the process you, the cast & crew are going through to see this vision on film. I am very much looking forward to seeing the final product of your hard work and dedication. I love Rob, Reese, Christoph and now you too! April 15, 2011 is marked on my calendars and I’m sure I’ll be seeing all of you on Oscars 2012 as well. xoxo

  33. Kimberly says:

    Thank you for taking us with you on this incredible journey…so looking forward to seeing it all come together.
    love and blessings, xx KC

  34. JC(LovesABrit) says:

    I love it when people share. And you have shared a lot with us. The movie making process, wonderful cast photos and journals. Awesome pics of the best young actor I have ever seen, who will surely get the nod from his peers! When we see the film, we will feel like we were a part of the process. Love and thanks!

  35. tracie says:

    hope things werent to crazy for you all, so appreciative that you have let us all get an inside look at the wonderful work you all have done. heres to wfe! *CHEERS*

  36. Jill says:

    I too have never followed a movie being filmed so closely, when I was reading the book it was great to be able to picture the characters in my head… thank you so much for all the tweet and pics you have been amazing as well… I can not wait for the movie, I think it will be Oscar bound! @hibbits was amazing to send us tweets and even respond to them… thank you again! cheers from San Diego

  37. Jeanette says:

    I’m a silent follower here but wanted to comment tonight. I love this book…and I am loving this movie….already. A HUGE thank you to Francis Lawrence (you rock)…Robert Pattinson (no words to describe what you mean to so many fans), Christoph Waltz ( you have a new fan now…for life) and Reese Witherspoon (amazing beautiful woman) and a very special thank you for all the hard working crew and for those that shared their experiences with us. You all made us feel like we are a part of this journey with you and I will be forever grateful. My day has always started with WFE and I will truly miss this.
    And last but not least…thank you for giving me back the joy and passion for reading. I feel revived……

    A proud grateful fan from Missouri

  38. oldcoach says:

    Thank You so very much

  39. roachfarmer says:

    Hibbits, you along with all the cast and the crew are amazing. I started following this film just because of Rob, and 3 months later I am in love with this film. The time I was able to see this unbelievable production will forever be in my mind. Hibbits you are the coolest director ever! To allow fans access to your world is something very few, if any directors ever do. By doing this we all were allowed an inside view of just how much actually goes into production. You gave us the chance to be apart of a film no matter where we live. More directors should follow in your footsteps. I can’t wait for April!

  40. Becky says:

    Can’t thank-you enough; to ALL involved with WFE! I know you did wonderful things with this already GREAT story!

  41. papagaj says:

    WFE means so much for me couse i’m Polish:) andJacobs roots are here!!!
    Thanks for wonderful journey,thanks greatwork@Hibbits and rest of the crew Rob,Reese,Christoph and Tai
    I love You all!!!Can’t wait till april:)

  42. Agnes says:

    I ain’t really good at writing but I’ll try :> When I found out that Rob will be playing in this movie I wanted to know what about WFE is.I reached for the book and I fell in love with it.Incredible story about friendship,finding love and even more.Thank You very much for this amazing journey and we’d miss all these news from set,pics,stories of people who had a chance “to be” on the set. How it happened that Poland wasn’t mentioned? The main character is Polish. I can’t wait to see WFE in cinema.Hope it will come out in Poland ;)) Agnes from Poland ;)) Dziękuje!

  43. Agnes says:

    Ohh I forgot to thank the director:Francis Lawrence,actors:Rob,Reese,Christoph and of course our lovely Tai.You did amazing work!

  44. shafirshades says:

    WFE is amazing!

    When I heard Rob is will be involve in the film adaptation, I began to search for the book, but it hasn’t been published in Indonesia. Then there was this contest Algonquin Books and this blog made, and I turned out to be the winner. You have no idea how grateful I am.

    If it’s not because of Rob I wouldn’t have know about WFE. And I regret to be so ignorant. After I read the book (still reading it now) I found out what a great and page turning book it is. So I partly thanked Rob for introducing me to this book :)

    From the pictures I’ve seen in this blog, I assume the movie will be great, maybe even an Oscar-worthy one. Thank you to the kinkers who made this blog for us. Thank you guys so much. Every morning I would check this blog to see any pics of Robowski :D and they really made my day.

    Oh, and of course thank you to Francis Lawrence and crew for bringing WFE into screen for us.

    Well, at last, I want to say that Indonesia does loves and supports WFE, including me, my cousin, and my BFF. WFE is really being loved by people around the world, and we surely can’t wait untill the movie comes out.

  45. m says:

    I have read the book and from what I’ve seen so far you really have brought it to life. I love this story and thank you so much Francis, Rob, Reese, Christoph and of course Tai.
    It’s going to be EPIC!!!!!!!

  46. Alexandria says:

    I am from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and I started my days by reading your stories and comments, and most of all, just watching in awe all those beautiful pics you Kinkers got for all of us to enjoy. My days will not be the same anymore; they will be boring and stale without sharing with you so many wonderful, honest and crazy comments and opinions coming from our hearts and from the sole admiration for Rob, his career, how nice and down to earth he IS, and ohhh!!!, soo sexy and hot to kill for. Every morning, once I saw the first pics, my heart made a summersault and started beating backwards!!! even my breath became faulty, but, that happens to Robobssed girls as we are.
    The rest, lovely Rossie, Marlena will be missed as well as the rest of the wonderful characters that will make of WFE a great success as a movie. Really I already miss you all, Kinkers and bloggers, and I know we all be again sharing our cheers when our Robert walks the read carpet ready to receive his Oscar. We will drink to it!!!

  47. Dina says:

    Have loved the profiles of the actors, reports on the status of filming, thanks for all your fine, hard work on this site. I became interested in this movie because of Rob, as I, as do many, find him to be talented and lovely young man. But with this movie, I was a fan as well of his co-stars, and the PD and DP’s work. It’s going to be gorgeous, and I think possibly a big hit. I love the positive “vibe” that’s come through from the set. Thank you all, cast and crew, for providing information, being accessible, and tolerant of some overzealous fans. I hope there wasn’t too much stress from it.

  48. paola says:

    Hi! I am from Florence in Italy.
    I’m so sad to that the resumptions of the film are finished, because I cannot have updatings every day, but at the same time I make the countdown for the exit of the film. Waiting for official images, I want to tell you THANKS. Thank you for having choses Rob for this film. Thanks because you are of the great ones and I already know that the film will b very beautiful. Thank you for having allowed us to snoop un your world. Thanks for the emotions. Thanks for the joy that give us.

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