ARTICLE: Jacob Jankowski’s sons in WFE are “part of the important ending”

Thanks to Lynsey in the comments for linking us the pic of the boys! Too cute!!!

Kevin Sims reports from in Chattanooga:

Hollywood crews have wrapped up their work in Chattanooga after shooting the movie ‘Water for Elephants.’  It stars Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon but some of the littlest stars are from right here in the Tennessee Valley.

Last Friday, while hundreds of fans were kept far away from the set on a Chickamauga farm, Sonya Gonzales got a first-hand look.  Both of her sons had roles.  “They play two of Robert Pattinson’s kids in the movie,” says Sonya.  7 year-old Mason and 5 year-old Liam were both chosen, despite the fact that casting agents didn’t even know they were related.

Sonya took plenty of pictures, including several of her kids in costume.  “Well I had overalls with this shirt that was short sleeves and two buttons and with all these different colors on it,” says Mason.

Sonya almost managed to make it into the movie herself.  In a pinch, they nearly pulled her in as a body double for Witherspoon before deciding not to shoot the scene.  But she did manage to get some one-on-one time with Pattinson during the Saturday night cast party.  “He was so sweet and really nice and he let me take a picture with him,” says Sonya.

Now some of her kids have caught the acting bug, including big sister Abby.  She is happy for her brothers even though she was hoping for a part herself.  At least she got to visit the set.  “It takes a lot more people than I thought it would just to get that 5 minutes of that part,” says Abby.

The director told Sonya her sons’ scene is part of the important ending so she doesn’t expect it to end up on the cutting room floor.  It certainly won’t if Mason has anything to do with it.  “We had to keep doing the same scene over and over again so they could see which one they liked better,” says Mason.

Both kids will be compensated for their roles though they don’t know how much yet.  But the experience alone may be worth more.

‘Water for Elephants’ is expected to open next spring.

Click HERE to view the cute video of the boys at the source.

I’m happy I have no idea what Francis Lawrence was talking about. Love not being completely spoiled even though I’ve read the book and other things. The movie adaptation is going to rock our socks. Can you feel it? :)


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16 Responses to ARTICLE: Jacob Jankowski’s sons in WFE are “part of the important ending”

  1. Amber says:

    Absolutely agree with you 100%. This movie is going to blow us away. And the mom, almost being used as Reese’s body double??? Well being considered for that is quite the compliment in itself!

  2. RoseT says:

    HAHA! I just sent this link and then immediately saw it pop up on my e-mail. Hopefully the video that went along this will be available soon.

  3. I wondered why we hadn’t heard anything about the casting of the children or seen any pictures, but given their ages, I’m impressed they kept the set closed.

    Yes, I can feel it, Tink ;)

  4. Blacklaceandredlips says:

    Rob…with kids….o.O…My ovaries really like the sound of that!I’m melting at the thought!

  5. Lydia says:

    I was curious about the children since Rob had mentioned during one of the thousands Eclipse press junket interviews that he was going to play a father in both WFE and BD and that he was nervous about it. I was confused by this since the book only makes glancing references to children and they are by the 93 year old Jacob.

    On the first page of chapter 1 there is a reference: “In your thirties something strange starts to happen. . . . You call your child by the names of all of your other children and finally the dog before you get to his.”

    I cracked up when I read this. I think most parents are guilty of this. I know I am. I swap my sons names all of the time, which they indignantly call me on. I am not as bad as my Dad, though. My name and my siblings names were abbreviated on a daily basis to the first syllable: Lyd(ia) Ben(jamin) and An(drea). It was bad enough he would always mix up Lyd and An. However, I remember one time Dad called me Ben. Then, I had long curly pigtails and dressed in pink and my brother had a crew cut. I was highly insulted.

    I wonder what scene(s) of fatherly Robowksi will be included? Wrestling? Teasing/Tormenting? Refereeing? Reading bedtime stories? I can’t wait to see it. He was great as Caroline’s (Ruby’s) big brother in Remember Me. . .

  6. Lynsey says:

    Here is a pic that their mother put on facebook….

    They look so cute! Can’t wait to see Rob playing a dad!!

  7. shafirshades says:

    They’re just as cute as my lil’ sister! :)
    So adorable!

  8. ransomfan says:

    My mom always mixed mine and my little sister’s names up. My name is Nancy and my little sister’s name is Renee’. But for a long time, I thought my name was Renancy. That’s almost as bad as what the baby from Breaking Dawn is called, Renesmee, but, (pronounced ruh-NEZ-may). Anyway, I am oh so looking forward to seeing ‘Water For Elephants’, and ‘Breaking Dawn’!

    • Elizabeth says:

      You know you are getting bad when you start calling your kid by the dog’s name.
      Actually the dog responds quicker than my son.

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