WFE director Francis Lawrence and the MTV VMAs!!!

We Kinkers have a soft spot for Mr. Francis Lawrence. He’s kept us all in the loop during filming of Water for Elephants and shared his own enthusiasm for the project so close to our hearts. So we can’t help shouting from the rooftops that our boy is nominated in FOUR MTV Video Music Award categories for Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance!!  And you still have time to vote.

Click HERE to vote for Best Female Video.

Click HERE to vote for Best Dance Video.

Click HERE to vote for Best Pop Video.

Click HERE to vote for Video of the Year.

The MTV Video Music Awards air Sept 12!! *Note* The voting is limited to certain regions. For instance, I can’t vote. However, I’m wishing for wins so that should do the trick. ;)

Join me as we introduce a new H2O feature. We’re going to go back in the archives and revisit posts that make us nostalgic. Posts that get us excited about Water for Elephants. And posts that allow us to post pictures of Rob…. for very flimsy reasons. Let’s take a walk down Memory Lane: Connect the Dots, La la… gaga?

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5 Responses to WFE director Francis Lawrence and the MTV VMAs!!!

  1. MAIARA says:

    I adore Lady Gaga , and Bad Romance was the best of hers videos, thanks to Hibbits!
    And I wish i could see Rob in one of her videos just like Alexander Skargast in Paparazzi and Bad Romance.

  2. suzyquzy says:

    Flimsy excuse or no excuse anytime is the right time for Rob.

    Glad ya’ll are going to be around for hopefully a long time.

  3. ransomfan says:

    Maybe Mr. Francis Lawrence can direct Rob in his own music video! That would be fantastic, of course it would be a much slower song, but you can still do a lot with a music video even if the song is a Blues… As long as Rob is the one to sing and play in it, it will work!

  4. JellyBeanRainbow says:

    That’s funny. I’m in Europe and I can vote, but I’m in the wrong region to see some of the videos.
    I don’t like Gaga and would never vote for her, but since you asked so nicely and since it’s Mr. Lawrence, I did vote for her.

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