How We Ran Away With The Circus: The Original WFE Set Soliders Share Their Story

PLEASE NOTE: Normally, this isn’t our protocol but the photos and story shared here were given in the expressed wish that they remain here. Please do not copy and repost the pictures elsewhere. If you’d like, you can excerpt sections of the story and redirect.

"Please don't take me! I belong to Jazmin and other set soldiers!" ~the photo (not Rob)

Now on with the show! Find out about the lucky set soldier who got to go ON set. Yes, ON set, as well as how they met many people from the cast and crew. Lovely pictures of Rob, Christoph, Francis, roustabouts, Kinko, Queenie, vintage cars, the choo choo, circus wagons, zebras, camels, and the fabulous set soldiers of Piru & Fillmore! PHEW!

All this WFE goodness after the jump!

When I went out to set on day 2 of filming, I met a girl named Jazmin. She had been there all day and night on day 1 and was planning to repeat this for day 2. She seemed liked the fan to talk to because she had no problems asking the security guards questions and being very frank with them. I liked that. It got answers to reasonable questions. It was Jazmin that made me coin the phrase set soldier a couple weeks later. I kept in contact with her during filming and would see on her twitter how each day, every day of filming, this group of people would weather the heat (day) and the cold (night) out of their love for Rob and Water For Elephants.

The OG set soldiers :)

After waiting over two weeks, the set soldiers got their wish and met Rob late one night after filming. You’ll recognize that picture when you see it below. It was that encounter that made me come up with set soldier. I was impressed with the dedication. They were in the trenches of Piru and Fillmore waiting and hoping to get a glimpse of the star. Little did they know, this whole experience would become bigger than just catching a glimpse.

I was so happy for Jazmin and all the other set soldiers. Just as I knew who they were, they knew who I was and they planned to share their experience with our blog when filming wrapped. Well it’s about that time isn’t it ;) Jazmin is the main spokesperson for the group but she consulted with several to make sure they agreed with her retelling. Let’s start with the day her world flipped upside down:

There is no better cure to the flu then finding out that Robert Pattinson is coming to your town. That Monday morning, I remember laying in bed feeling sick and not having any energy to do anything. So while laying in bed, bored, I decided to do some browsing on our county website. I come across an article talking about filming in Fillmore. Filming in our town is nothing new, We’re pretty much used to seeing filming crews here. I start to scan the article and my eyes immediately catch the words “The lead roles are played by Oscar winners Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz, “Twilight” heartthrob Robert Pattinson, and Emmy and Tony winner Hal Holbrook.”

My reaction: WHATTTTT!!! (*BAM* I hit the floor) followed by loud screams. I don’t know how many times I re-read that sentence. I have no control over my hands. They won’t stop shaking but I make them work as fast as I can to call my sisters (by the way not one of them answered). The best feeling came over me and I knew I had to try and meet him. I never thought I would ever have the chance to get a glimpse of him but having him so close to home there was no way I was going to miss the chance. Little did I know the adventure I was about to get into.

Of course after all that I feel 100% better. Another surprise was I already had a copy of Water For Elephants at my house. My mom had read it and when I told her that they were filming the movie here in town, she was pretty excited too. Immediately I started reading the book. I feel like I was extremely lucky to be reading the book and then go to the set and see it all come to life.

Kinker Tink: How many days did you visit the sets of WFE?

Jazmin: In all honesty I lost count on how many days it was exactly but it was a whole lot more then I ever planned on. Monique was the number one set soldier! She was there for 41 days! Day & night! Marcella and Alison, they were troopers too! They were there a majority of the time and pulled all nighters.

All night long! I'm singing Lionel Richie!

Kinker Tink: What is the average amount of time you would spend on set?

Jazmin: On a good day it was between 4-5 hours and that’s when I finally caught on to the schedule and figured out the best times to be there. Some of us would be there all day! From call time till they wrapped for the day.

Kinker Tink: What was your longest day?

Jazmin: The longest day would have to be 16 hours straight. I must have been in survival mode! Lol I didn’t have to use the restroom once! I was never brave enough to go to an all nighter. I would go out for a while but wouldn’t stay the whole time. When they had night shoots some of our set soldiers were having all nighters too! 6pm till 6 am!!!

NIght shoot....brrrrrrr...I remember the cold from my wannabe set soldier adventures.

Kinker Tink: What does an average day for a set soldier look like?

Jazmin: When you arrive to the set, first thing you have to do is a find a good parking spot! Depending on the set, it was difficult to find a good parking spot. We park on sides of roads, between orange orchards. We were lucky when we finally could park and sit next to our cars! Second, we had to carry our chairs, books, magazines, cameras, signs, sun block, snacks, drinks, etc. It was like a day camping trip! Third, we set up where we were going to wait and get the best view from. Plus find out what was happening on set to see if our main stars were there. After that it was just a waiting game! To pass the time we would talk and gossip. It was really so much fun!

Set up in the trenches

Kinker Tink: Did you meet any of the crew?

Jazmin: Yes we got to meet a lot of the crew. They were always so nice to us. Wishing us luck and always trying to help us out.

Kinker Tink: Did anyone ever address you as a set soldier?

Jazmin: By the crew we were known as the Fillmore girls. Not a name some of us liked. But when a new person would show up and asked how long we have been there and we let them know, they would say, “oh you must be a set soldier!”

Kinker Tink: Did you get to meet any extras?

Jazmin: We did get to meet some of the extras in the movie!! They were the nicest people! We asked them to sign our books and if we could take pictures with them. They were always so nice. When they were all wrapped for the day, as they would leave, they would always wave goodbye to us! It’s like we grew a bond with them!

These roustabouts look familiar ;)

Thor signing a book. Tommy behind him. Team Roustabout!

Roustabouts! I spy rousty Pat too ;)

Kinker Tink: Did you meet any of the principal stars?

Jazmin: YES!!!!

Remember this? The OG set soldiers were the first to break a picture of Christoph from the set.

Christoph: He was the first star we met. He was always so nice and would wave as he came and left. When we finally got the courage to ask him for autographs he was so nice and was grateful that we were there supporting the movie! He is such a handsome man. We all know he is going to do a great job as August!

Resse: We never really got the chance to meet her but she did wave a couple of times. We got to see her as she would leave and wave. She looked so beautiful with her hair all in curls. I had a pretty cool experience with her. When I was waiting by the gate, as her car came, I had a sign saying “Reese will you please sign my book” and I saw her read my sign, smile and made an expression of “awww”. LOL it was cool. She had her children with her that day so I understood why she didn’t stop.

Mission accomplished, Jazmin ;)

Robert: The first time we all got a good look at him was at the Piru set. As he was leaving for the day, we saw his car come out as it usually does with its darker then dark tinted windows!! But this time one of the windows was down in the back and my heart hit the floor!! It got so quite as he passed by us…we were all in shock!!! So here comes his car and out from the window is Rob! With the best smile in the world and he laughs and waves to us! Wowww…of course we did wave and say hello back when the oxygen finally got to our brain again. But that was our first Rob success!

The second time we had a Rob moment was when they came back to Fillmore. This time we had better luck! The day before they were going to finish wrapping in Fillmore, as usual we were all waiting by the gate and we see his car leaving. As it slowly approaches again we see it with his window down and there he is again. This time he is practically hanging out the window! Again with a great smile. He waves but this time he speaks!! LOL He says to us “hey guys!” ahhh in his accent omg.. sooo sexy LOL. This time one of the fans was quick enough to catch a picture of him so our memory can last a little longer! (Kinker Tink: note picture above with the Vanity Fair magazine.) Again we celebrate a success!

This time was a little more special to me because my sister had flown in from Utah and I was happy that we got to share this experience together. It was great because her trip was well worth it which brings me to my third Rob success. It was the final day they were going to be here in town and I knew this was going be it! It was the longest day I had ever spent on the set. When I arrived I was the only one there but as they day get later more and more fans showed up. That day was a late shoot but I stayed there strong! Not leaving for any reason! As the day turns into night some people leave. About 11pm or maybe a little later, the security asked us to move to the other side of the lot were there is more light and we are put behind yellow caution tape.

We keep waiting. The fans looked a little more organized and we weren’t being loud. At one point, a crew member came out who worked close with Rob and talked to us to see what he could do, see if Rob could come out. Then we see Dean, Rob’s personal security guard, come out and talk to us and see what was going on. He then told us that there was no way Rob would come out if there were any paparazzi. So immediately I run up to the only pap that was there and asked him to please leave so he wouldn’t ruin our opportunity to meet Rob. He was cool with it. It get’s later and more fans leave. Were sitting there waiting and waiting. We keep hearing over the walkie talkie that they’re on the final shot but it seems like forever. It’s pretty chilly out so we stayed warm with blankets! (thanks to Marcella for letting me and my sis use one. I don’t know if I could have made it the whole night without it.)

Finally it’s down to like 15 people. We see Rob’s car coming off the set and go into the base camp but within 5 minutes, comes back out and leaves! My heart hit the floor! I was so upset but I decided to wait a couple of minutes and see what happened. After a minute we see his car come back!!! Ahhh and after a few minutes we see it driving out with the back windows down again. There he was again but this time I knew I had to speak up and I asked him if he could please get out and sign autographs…he did! He got out and signed autographs and took pictures!!! He was so nice and funny. He seems so shy. Oh and fyi he has the softest hands everrr!! (Kinker Tink: *thud*) I couldn’t honestly believe he was right there in front of me! It was so crazy!! The countless days and hours I spent waiting had finally paid off!!! The only down to it was that not all of my fellow set soldiers were there to experience it with me but I knew filming was not over yet!! They would still have the chance to see him.

Final day of filming came and we were so sad that our adventure was coming to an end. Some of our soldiers still haven’t gotten the chance to meet Rob. So another waiting game. We waited until they finished wrapping here in LA…it was a long night! With so much drama that went on that night from fighting with the paps and almost car crashes we didn’t know if it was going to happen but there we were, all of our original set soldiers, waiting for the chance to see Rob one final time before he left to TN. We waited a few minutes after we saw his car leave back to base camp and about 15 minutes later, there came his car! As it was approaching, I was holding up a sign to get his attention. It read “41 out of 50 days! Thank you for this wonderful experience.”

His car came to a stop sign. We were there holding our breaths waiting to see if he was finally going to come out and say hello. After a lonnnnng wait or so it seemed, here came the beautiful man walking around the car and saying hey. He walks right up to me and says, “Let me see your sign. I couldn’t read it from so far away.”…. And I just about died LOL! He was so happy and said thanks for being there supporting. He couldn’t believe we had been there so long for him. We all got our pictures and autographs and we chatted with him for a while. He is so down to earth and humble. To this day I can still feel his arms around me!! And im sure my fellow set soldiers feel the same way.

Another cool thing was that I asked him to sign a copy of ‘Remember Me’ and he said he had no idea it had cameout on dvd yet! After about 10 minutes or so he said goodbye. We celebrated! Finally a mission complete!!!

Rob & Jazmin...and TEAM ROSIE!!! *whispers* and the LB hat...go beach! PHOTO SOURCE: JE Neuhaus Photo

SMILEY ROB! swooooooooon :)

We also got to meet Kinko/Walter! He was very friendly and such a nice guy. We also got to meet uggy who is going to play Queenie!! He is so cute and his handler got him to do some tricks for us.



This pose is too much! What a cutie :)

Kinker Tink: What was the most memorable moment as a set soldier?

Jazmin: The best part of this whole ‘Water For Elephants’ experience was the friends that I made. It made the whole thing so much more fun. There were days when I would just go to the set to hang out. Before this, I didn’thave many friends who were into the same things I was (Rob <3). Also, the most memorable moment was when all my friends who were there from the beginning of the whole adventure got to meet Rob. The final night is what I will remember most. It was a mission accomplished. I will never forget the faces of my friends when they finally saw Mr. Pattinson walk out of his car.

Monique: Many memorable moments. Getting to make all my new friends. Making friends with the crew, having the all nighters on the set, and of course meeting ROB!!

Evan: Making new friends and everyone talking about their experience meeting stars, and also meeting ROB!

A few set soldier on the last night of LA filming

Kinker Tink: final words?

Jazmin: I was also really lucky to actually get a tour of the Piru set. It was one of the most exciting moments of my life to be on an actual movie set. It is breathtaking. Tears actual came to my eyes. It was like begin in a actual cirus. The colors, the lights, the animals were amazing We also got a sneek at Marlena on top of Rosie!!! She was so beautiful from her curls and her shiny outfit…it was amazing!! And Rosie is such a doll!! I never got a real close look at her but from where I was, it was the coolest thing. We got to see the crowds cheering and Marlena performed. We also got to see the lion and this was no toothless lion!! It had a full mouth of teeth as it decided to show us! The movie set was down to a tee!! Popcorn and candy included!

Kinker Tink: some final words ;)

vintage cars used in the film

Zebras are so pretty

Camels spit.

It's choo choo time!

circus wagons

train cars

the choo choo from afar with the big top in the background

Jazmin mentioned she was amazed by how far people traveled to come see the set and try and catch glimpses of the leads. This sounds like a real circus ;) People traveling from far and wide: Kentucky, Montana, Utah, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Florida,  Canada, Germany, and Turkey!

Francis Lawrence visits the set soliders: Jazmin said he was "really nice and seemed happy to see the fans there". :)

Set soldiers, you are relieved of your duty!

Thank you, Jazmin for sharing the adventure with our readers. It was a pleasure meeting you and I’m glad I saw you again to give you a button. Kind of a badge of honor for your time in the service. LOL ok…I’m getting carried away.

Thank you to all the original set soldiers for sharing your pictures and story: Monique, Evan, Casey, Marcella, Allison, Kristen, and Taylor…Jazmin said you were the ones that stuck it til the end!

At ease soldiers, at ease ;)

SOURCE: All photos and story belong to the set soldiers mentioned above.

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    This is soooo amazing!!!
    Thank you for sharing this with us and give us chance to see what happen from perspective of fans!!!
    Thank you!! PICTURE ARE AMAZING!!!!
    LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!
    I am so proud and happy for you,SET SOLIDERS LADIES!!!!

    thank you Tinkerbel for posting it!!

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    Thank you set soldiers for your dedication and sharing your awesome story! I’m so so so happy that you got your moment with Rob and some time on set. AMAZING!!! <3s

  3. Euridice says:

    Wow! Thank you for sharing stories and photos of your awesome experience :) I have a huge grin on my face that all your faith and steadfastness paid off in the end. I wish I had the guts to do the same alas I lived vicariously through your accounts :D

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    No sarcasm here, I am VERY happy for the set soldiers, seems like they behaved just great cos otherwise the security, crew and stars would NEVER bother to give them a time of day. They can be proud to have been such a great team :-). Thanks for sharing this experience, you set soldiers, and I hope you all stay intouch in the future…ya never know, your experience may be needed in the future too *winks*

    Loved this post! Tink, love the little comments on the pics too!!

  6. Vanessa says:

    What a great experience! So glad for you that Rob personally greeted you guys a couple times! Thank you for sharing your story and pictures (I think I would have combusted standing that close, sheesh!)

  7. JunkGypsy says:

    This was an awesome post. So nice to see the various fan accounts! I loved out loud with the pictures of Queenie, too. She was freaking adorable.

    It’s too bad that Reese didn’t stop and take some pictures but at the same time, they must be surrounded by people everywhere they go. These set soldiers are nuts though – I would never be able to stand out there like that! I think I’d probably die, haha. Go them though and thanks for sharing their stories!

  8. Denise says:

    Gave me goosebumps reading about the set soldiers and their final meeting with Rob. He looks so happy in the pictures and I can only imagine the exhilaration all of you experienced when you saw him walk out from his car. So glad you got to meet Christoph too! Your encounters with all the cast and crew are surely memory makers for years to come. Thanks for sharing it all with us who live too far away to ever hope for epic adventures like you ladies enjoyed!

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    Thank you set soldiers for sharing your photos and story. Very happy that you guys got to see The Pretty. You must be the group that drove the papps away. (Is this incident involving one papps)? LOL

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    In all honest reality, I thought I’d be jealous as hell, but after reading Jazmin’s story, I was so excited for her! Her dedication is outstanding, and she told the story in a way to include us like we were there with her. I think I can almost feel Rob’s arms around me too! *giggle*

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    Aw, this is awesome! Thanks for sharing your incredible story and pictures! Y’all are proof that it pays to be patient. ;)

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    Omg! Congratulations Jazmin and all the Set Soldiers! I got a chance to meet you and Evan when your adventure was first beginning on Day 2. You were hugging that Vanity Fair for dear life. So wonderful that you hung in there and it paid off so well. I am so excited for you *doing happy dance*. You deserve it for your perseverence. I can just imagine how excited you will be when the movie comes out. I was only there for one day and I can’t wait until the premiere. You will always have those special memories. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. *can’t wipe the smile from my face*

    • tinkrbe1l3 says:

      did i meet you? have we talked about this? lol i was there day 2…thats when i met Jazmin and Evan as well.

      • Mitts402002 says:

        Yep! I got a chance to meet you too. You were Rogue Reporter that day. We talked again at LA Twi-Con, got my Team Rosie button from you. And now you’re over at Robsessed. Love your posts over there too. It’s a small Rob world. LOL

      • tinkrbe1l3 says:

        u talked to me at twicon AND on 2nd day of filming? describe yourself! lol…when did i give u the button at twicon? i’ve seen your comments on robsessed now that im over in the comments more frequently lol…we are a small rob world ;)

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        I was there day 2 as well, I am the crazy one with the pocket Edward pic in front of the train!!!!

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    Rob is so nice.

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    Thank you so much for sharing your story, it made my day!

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    What a wonderful story! Thank you so much for sharing this! I was thrilled to read about your encounter with Rob. Loved the statement about his arm around you. Wow! A close encounter that would be magical and memorable for any of us! This is a great website! I’ve appreciated all of the info over the past weeks. What a treat it has been to learn so much about Rob and the making of the film.

  27. MEL says:


  28. music4debbo says:

    You ladies deserved the pics and Rob smiles and puppy love as well. Anybody who would wait as long and love them so much to come a long way to see them, aw you guys are just the best fans ever and I’m SO happy for you. :) Rob and the others gave you some lovely smiles… nice to see…. :) :) :)

  29. music4debbo says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot to say THANK YOU to the ladies who put this WFE site together as well. SO MUCH WORK and I always was so happy to see a notification e-mail from you guys with interesting facts and sexy Rob pics and LOTS of circus history as well. Always loved history and the arts and creative people and entertainers. Those entertainers put their lives into make people happy during some rough times people endured at the time. SO FASCINATING. I may be a bit whacky over the top sometimes on RAoR, but I wanted you ladies to know you are SO APPRECIATED for doing this for all of us fans. HUGS to all of you and best of luck to the cast as well!

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    A few days ago there was a tweet complaining how Rob didn’t even properly great the fans, you know opening the car window and signing autographs,and how this actor and that actor is much more gracious… Well, my answer to that was… well, a little sarcastic and dismissing remark because I KNEW that there had to be a REASON why we haven’t see pictures or videos of him being even MORE nice with fans (besides waving from afar).

    We, real fans, know what Rob thinks about the paparazzi, and how he doesn’t really feel comfortable around crowds and stuff. But we also know how gracious and nice he always is with fans. That’s why I quickly dismissed the criticism, because whoever don’t understand his ways, isn’t really a FAITHFULL and SUPPORTIVE fan.

    Your set story is amazing, and I’m really happy for you guys! You deserved this meeting and experience!

    And this just proved to me how much Rob is GREAT, how he deserves all the sucess and happiness, and respect… Being him right now must not be easy. Having to deal with nasty people and all the criticism that comes with being such famous celebrity.

    Loved the post, and thank you for sharing such fantastic experience!

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    you guys are soooooooooooooooooooo amazing!!!! Thanx for sharing this with us….

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    Hi, I have been lurking reading this blog all summer. So well done.
    Love this story. Finally de-lurking to comment on the writer’s encounter with Rob. She said how shy he was. We think an actor would be just fine stopping to give autographs, but I realize now how outgoing a person needs to be to just stop and talk to a bunch of people, even if you are a famous actor and they are your most adoring fans! I think it’s really hard for a person to do! Especially one as unpretentious and down-to-earth as Rob. We already know how adorkable Rob’s personality is, so great that you had a sign to help break the ice a little. I really enjoyed reading this! Btw, LOVE you asked the paparazzi dude to scram! That rocks!

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    Thanks for sharing your story. It was if I was there. I’m pleased to hear positive things about the fans who stayed their distance and didn’t disturb anything. See there are rewards to good behavior. Thanks again and congratulations…now get some sleep.

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    That was a great story!!! I loved all the details and really enjoyed this comment: To this day I can still feel his arms around me!! And im sure my fellow set soldiers feel the same way.

    AHHHH….at least I got to see him when he came to GA and TN. That was awesome!!

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    Wonderful experience!!! Thanks for sharing with us!!!!

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    WOW! I cried just reading. I’ve always dreamed of meeting him. I know if I was to get that close I would have had a heart attack or passed out. Thank you for sharing. I dragged my seventeen yr old daughter to Tn and Ga the weekend he was there. I got good pics but did not see him. Just being in the same city was enough to make me emotional. I cried all the way home because I didn’t want to leave with him still there. Oh well. I have told everyone at work I am buying tickets for them to go see this movie. My goal is to fill up one theater on my own. Can’t wait!!
    It is great to have everyone share stories.

    • Mitts402002 says:

      Wow! Funny you said that about buying the tickets for everyone. I will be doing the same thing. It turns out that (if the release date holds) WFE will be released during my birthday week so you know what that means, birthday with Robowski and some of my closest friends and family. So looking forward to it and sharing this wonderful story.

  42. jekkie34 says:

    Jazmin, your story brought tears of joy to my eyes :) I know exactly how you felt when you (FINALLY) got to meet Rob. I could never THANK YOU enough for all you and Monique did getting me to meet Christoph. I always LOVE telling people how you threw yourself in front of his car to have him stop and meet us. I couldn’t be more happy for you and the other Set Soldiers for your experience. You were very gracious to Sacher, Deb, and I when we visited. Makes the whole experience more memorable having met people like you. Congratulations on meeting Rob…I am sooooo glad that your hard work and dedication paid off. And I hope Rob knows what truly wonderful fans he has.

  43. Louise says:

    Awesome story. So lucky to see so much of Him and it does go to show just how much of a nice chilled guy he is. He loves his fans as we love him. Go rob can’t wait to see the movie.

  44. gkngc04 says:

    Well, you guys are really dedicated! I was there three of those days, but my most memorable was the second day of filming I believe it was May 21, I got there about 4:30 pm after my long day at work…it was so much fun talking to everyone and I remember the boy that got a really bad sunburn and wanted to meet Rob sooooo bad, did he ever get to meet him????? Does anyone know????? That day was the only day that I saw Rob in person and it was him leaving….he snuck out…does anyone remember that? when everyone thought that it was Reeses car and the lady stopped and told those girls to get out of the street, she completely distracted everyone from looking at Rob, but he was in the back seat with his gray hoodie & sunglasses on and his million dollar smile! Ahhh you guys truly were blessed by being able to actually meet him!!! Congrats!

    • Mitts402002 says:

      Sounds like you are describing Evan. According to Jazmin’s story, it sounds like he did meet Rob.

    • tinkrbe1l3 says:

      that was evan and he did get to meet rob :) i remember that distracting lady…boo on her! lol

      • gkngc04 says:

        I am soo sooo glad that Evan finally got to meet Rob! That is so awesome, I saw him also at the convention and he had yet to meet him but I am really glad that he stuck it out! OMG Tink that woman was a big you know what!!!! but I saw Rob and that’s all that matters and he smiled, soooo all was not lost that day!!!!

  45. Michaela Eng says:

    OMFG. Christoph is so handsome. I wanna have his babies…well..more of his babies haha. ;]

  46. jan says:

    Sigh…I can only dream of something like that happening where I am…but then again, who knows?? Must remain optimistic. :)

    Thanks SO MUCH to the awesome Set Soldiers for sharing their experiences with us on this blog…really makes my day and night when I read every new post. :)

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  48. Sachertorte says:

    You girls were above and beyond awesome. You treated me, Jekkie34 and DeborahKLA like gold when we were there. I couldn’t have met nicer people and you made the experience terrific and worth the plane trip from PA!

    I will always be so grateful to Jazmin for throwing herself in front of CW’s car for us!!!!

    Sacher xx

  49. Sachertorte says:

    And truly, CW in that photo is BEYOND HANDSOME… oooh be still my heart!

  50. Jillian says:

    Its exciting to see something that you’ve read come to life on the BIG screen. From the pics it looks a lot like the way I pictured it from the book. I’m anxious to see how the old man gets incorpurated into the film. His antics in the book are awesome and I love his cantancerus attitude.

  51. Faye~fayezeewayzee says:

    Like the others, I enjoyed reading the set souldiers story. When Breaking Dawn begins filming in Baton Rouge, I will only be approximately 40 minutes away! Don’t know what will happen yet, but if there was anyway I could catch a glimpse, like these folks did, I’d be over the moon! We’ll have to wait and see, but fingers and toes crossed! I loved Water For Elephants so much, that I would have done anything to sit alongside these folks, to keep the fire burning!

  52. Casey from Fillmore (TWI MOM) says:

    Jazmin you did the set soldiers well with the interview. I met some great people while out at the set, especially Jazmin, Monique and Evan. Even though I could not get out there as much as I would like due to family issues, Jazmin and Monique always kept me up to date with texts and tweets. I would also like to thank the two of them for keeping my license plate with them in hoping of getting it signed. They finally succeeded on the last night of filming when Monique finally got to meet him. Even though my license plate was signed, I was more happy for Monique who spent countless hours as a set soldier. It was great to get her text at midnight saying it finally happened. A truely happy ending!

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  54. Monique Perez says:

    Well Its been weeks since our encounter with Rob and I’m still on an amazing HIGH! Jazmin the story was great and honestly it really took me back. I keep reading it over and over to keep it fresh in my mind. I’m so glad I’ve met such incredible people and I hope we always stay in contact. Casey your very welcome, I’m just so glad we were able to get your licence plate signed for you. Marcela and Allison we still need to plan a movie night!! Evan you kept me laughing and awake through our all nighters. Kristin and Taylor “sex hair” is all I have to say!!!lol By the way I totally agree with Jazmin, I could still feel Rob’s arm across my back (he held me for a good 13-15 seconds) and not just once but twice. Keep in touch guys, Monique

  55. Psiri says:

    Just got finished reading the book and I and can totally see Rob in the part of Jacob. I think it actually made the book more fun for me.
    Thanks for your website…Fun to read.

  56. Isa says:

    Wow this is amazing you guys ROCK!!! thank you so much for sharing, I would love to be on your shoes and met Rob. There’s no doubt he’s so sweet and nice and funny THANK YOU JAZMIN!!! you were so nice!! Set soldiers ROCK!!!

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