Robert Pattinson and Rosie: Old WFE set photos. Better quality!

We’ve seen these images before, they’re from waaaaay back toward the beginning/middle of filming but these pictures are much clearer. And a closer look at Tai as Rosie is always welcome! :) Thanks to RPAustralia for posting these.

She's so beautiful!

I spy a killer smile.

I was sad Rosie the first time I saw this (previous grainy pic). Tai blended with the canvas and I couldn't see her.

Wait... Rosie's not in THIS one. I should delete it...

Well that was a fun blast from the recent past. Don’t forget to vote for Water for Elephants director, Francis Lawrence! He directed Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” video which is up for FOUR MTV Video Music Awards. Click HERE to vote!


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13 Responses to Robert Pattinson and Rosie: Old WFE set photos. Better quality!

  1. shafirshades says:

    Rosie is so lucky to get close to Rob!
    And don’t delete the last pic. I got to see Robowski’s butt XD
    No I’m kidding. Don’t delete any pic with Rob in it

  2. tinkrbe1l3 says:

    i love the killer smile pic…you KNOW rob threw that smile all over the set…they captured it for sure on film…he’ll be smile killing all up IN wfe :)

  3. Sus says:

    Last pic (nice asscandy!)….<3 Rosie!!!

  4. Mitts402002 says:

    Where you been sittin Mr P? Maybe you need help dusting off those pants? Oh, goodness, did I say that out loud? Time out for me! LOL.
    Go Team Rosie, luv ya!

  5. Adriana says:

    Rosie is amazing!!! can’t wait for this movie..
    Last picture.. candy for the end!!
    He is so adorable.. and that smile.. *swoons*

    Thank you for posting this pics!


  6. rpindo says:

    I love the last pic LOL…
    the sexy ass flat I ever see…LOL

  7. RoseT says:

    Ahhhh…..I KNOW he has a butt! I saw it in GA when he walked to the set from his SUV. He hides it in those baggy pants but the wool pants he had on that day were perfect to show off the butt. I just couldn’t pick up my jaw fast enough to take a picture of it :(

  8. Roblover says:

    I love the pictures of Rob and Rosie, and the last one is a great cap on the situation. I mean great way to close. LOL I love Rob from any angle.

  9. DC says:

    Thanks for the pics of Rosie and Rob…I LOVE that killer smile…**melts**! Please don’t delete the last pic…we want as much of Robowski as we can’t get =)

  10. ransomfan says:

    I couldn’t imagine you ever deleting any picture of Rob, even if his face was not in the picture Deb. And who could blame you? Thankfully, Rob’s face as well as the rest of him is in the picture, (nice), but I did miss Rosie, (a little). Thanks for sharing them again!

  11. gkngc04 says:

    you better not delete that last shot….he looks so hawt!

  12. Lisa says:

    Step away from the delete button…. ;)

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