Sara Gruen’s Upcoming Novel Makes New York Magazine’s Most Anticipated Fall Book List!

New York Magazine released their TOP TWENTY ‘most anticipated fiction and nonfiction of fall’ yesterday and guess what book came it at number four:

4. Ape House
by Sara Gruen (Random House)
The fourth novel from the author of Water for Elephants furthers her preoccupation with intelligent animals and amorous humans. The stars are a troupe of bonobos—the chimps known for their liberal sexual attitudes. Sept. 7.

Coming September 7th!

Don’t forget to check out Sara’s upcoming book tour to get a chance to meet her!


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3 Responses to Sara Gruen’s Upcoming Novel Makes New York Magazine’s Most Anticipated Fall Book List!

  1. ransomfan says:

    Sara Gruen will be at the Hoyt Sherman Palace Theatre in Des Moines Iowa, near where I live on September 7, 2010. I would love to buy her new book, Ape House, and have her sign it, and at the same time I wonder if she wouldn’t mind signing my WFE book… Or would that be an inappropriate request since her signing is really for her newest upcoming book? I missed her tour for signing for Water For Elephants, in fact I didn’t even know about it until Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon signed up for the movie… Well, maybe I shouldn’t ask? Maybe I should just be happy with one. Love her books anyway!

    • deb24601 says:

      I’ve been to other book signings (not with Sara Gruen – yet!) and authors are generally happy to sign any of their books along with their newest release. There is often a limit on how many books will be signed, per person, but the people running the event will let you know. Have fun and let us know how it goes! :)

  2. Lisa says:

    AACK!!! It’s now the 26th and we haven’t had a new update since the 23rd. I really hate that filming for WFE is over and I’m not getting my daily dose of new pics of Rob.

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