A Day in the Life of a Rube: Part IV from Cody Wood

Cody Wood is back with part four of his adventures from the Water for Elephants set. I was happy to see “to be continued” at the end of his post; I’m addicted to these glimpses!! And this one is extra funny…

Monday July 19th, 5am.  Twenty or more cars waited single file for entry into the Fox Studio parking garage off of Avenue of the Stars.  I reached to the passenger seat and picked up my water bottle.  The cars inched forward.

 Once past the security guard, the security gate, and the second security guard, I was directed toward the white canvas wardrobe tent. The tent looked odd now that it was planted in the middle of a mini-city.  The entire experience felt odd now that we had all been transplanted from the desert.

 I found my suit in the usual spot and hung the pants and shirt I wore on the empty hangers.  The hats were stored in boxes that ran along two walls.  I scanned each one for my number.  Nothing.  Finally I came across a miscellaneous bin and found my hat crushed on the bottom.  I fell into a sleepy trance just staring at the hat before Ellen, one of the wardrobe specialists came to the rescue.  “Good morning, Cody!” she said in her usual chipper demeanor.  I mustered up a big smile and returned the exchange.  “Good morning!  How are you today?”  Ellen was a petite woman in her 50s who had probably been working on movies for a long time.  She was always alert, always friendly, and could fix a torn shirt in seconds.

 I felt refreshed by my encounter with Ellen and headed over to the “hair and make-up” tent with a little more pep.  I was quickly called in and plunked down in a chair that faced an old wooden framed mirror.  The hair supervisor looked over and said to my hair stylist that I could probably use a fresh cut.  I thought to myself, “alright, another free haircut!”  Immediately I regretted the offer.  The stylist either had a personal vendetta or had never cut a man’s hair.  She grabbed the top of my head and pulled up so hard I almost verbalized the pain.  She cut quickly and pulled again.  “What the hell is going on?” I thought.  The only good thing about it was the speed she was moving.  She finished in two minutes and I wondered how much hair she had pulled out rather than cut.  I relaxed.  “Ahh, thank goodness that’s over….” Bzzzzzzzz.  The clippers interrupted my moment and she dug the blade so deep into the back of my neck my eyes started watering.  “F#$k!”  I silently yelled at her.  When I finally got up I felt like I had a rug burn from my shoulders to the top of my head.

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  1. Linda says:

    Thank you – this was great! I feel like I was there!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you! You are a very good story teller with lots of interesting details.

  3. Roblover says:

    Excellent writing. I could actually visualize what Cody saw through his words. Loved the “Elephants do fart.” Very funny.

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