The first WFE fan-made trailer is in!

Super talented reader, Oh_Logan, created this awesome Water For Elephants trailer and shared it with us. Now we share it with you :)

Please note: This is NOT an official trailer nor does it contain official footage. It is fan-made…and quite creative.

Wow, right? We love how she incorporated Hal Holbrook into the video since we didn’t get to see him during production. :)

Thanks for sharing, Oh_Logan!

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25 Responses to The first WFE fan-made trailer is in!

  1. Ali says:

    That was a pretty impressive effort.

  2. SnowyHedwig says:

    Wow, what a bloody amazing job! She did a fantastic job of putting this together, just made me that much more excited for the real trailer and movie…

  3. Maggie says:

    Terrific job! I am really impressed. This just reinforces the anticipation I have for this film. Can’t wait. Thanks for posting this. Very creative.

  4. somanywards says:

    YAY, can’t wait for April!

  5. NordicNina says:

    Wow that was amazing, really good work! I love it, thanks for sharing.

  6. gkngc04 says:

    Wow! That was really good!

  7. Brenda says:

    Excellent clipp now I really can’t wait to see this movie. Great job!!!!

  8. Adriana says:

    That was really really good…..
    Can’t wait for April…. *starts counting months*

  9. alex says:

    I hope a lots of people will see this and enjoy.I love this film.

  10. TongueTwied says:

    “Fan”tastic job! Thank you for posting! I just know this movie is going to be amazing and this will be an incredibly tough winter to get through!

  11. Roblover says:

    Love the fanmade trailor. So professonal. Thanks for sharing.

  12. girl power says:

    That was wonderful! Fantastic job Oh_Logan!

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Wow! Watching it gave me goosebumps. Very well done. Just a glimpse of seeing this book turn into something so visually beautiful.

  14. jan says:

    Awesome job on the trailer…makes me SO excited for the real thing!!

    Thanks a bunch for posting!! :D

  15. Shawna says:

    nice job! :)

  16. Anna says:

    That was AMAZING! That should really be used for Promotions and for the trailer. The music – the scenes that were picked.. This does seem to sum up the whole movie is this one trailer. Great talent.. I enjoyed this – keep making more it will be enjoyed by anyone who is looking forward to this wonderful movie…

  17. Jackalyn says:

    great job! That just builds my anticipation for the movie even more!!

  18. Gisel says:


  19. karen says:

    What can I say……. AWESOME, EXCITING, GREAT JOB and very REALISTIC. Thanks for sharing. Can not wait for the movie!

  20. Seeing Hal Holbrook gave me chills. Very well done!


  21. naturaladdict says:

    great job! I can’t wait to see more coming out as more stuff gets released. I found this one too, a lot of similar footage, focusing on Jacob and Marlena

  22. ransomfan says:

    Thank you so much Oh_Logan and also naturaladdict. You are both helping the wait for WFE not be so long. I will enjoy watching your videos some more this year and next until the movie comes out. Thanks for being so thoughtful and sharing with all of us WFE fans!

  23. Melly says:

    it’s awesome!

  24. Heather says:

    Love that you put that Sia song in there!!

  25. CRLN says:

    here is another one!

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