Water for Elephants: A Rube’s Eye View Part V from Cody Wood

Our favourite Water for Elephants rube is back with an account of the audition process. It’s so much fun to see the behind the scenes goings on.  I also love that Cody swears so much. ;)

The afternoon came quickly and I packed my gear for the evening: violin, music stand, sheet music, water bottle, and protein bar.  I mapped out the audition location and loaded the car.  Traffic was like a thick marsh with no way around.  Inch by inch I pushed through but the clock had no mercy.  Deep within the Valley I found the location and was in a state of panic.  “I’m late, I’m f#&$ing  late to see Francis Lawrence!” I yanked my violin out of the car and slammed the door.  “Suite 12_ ….? Damn!  What was it!?”  I came around the corner of a building and heard trumpets and trombones blaring.  Loud chatter led me around another corner where I found a circus.  Literally.

 Clowns, stilt-walkers, jugglers, trumpeters, midgets, and coochie girls mulled around the sleek business campus.  At the first table I passed three fat clowns playing a game of poker.  I looked ahead and saw a line of twenty people in front of a small table — must be the check-in. I walked quickly but then realized the auditions were not running on time.  They never do.  

I stood in line next to an older gentleman who was also carrying a violin case.  The check-in took over twenty-minutes so each shared the major highlights from our violin careers.  He was currently running a private violin studio, performing in a community orchestra, and had been a professional violinist for a long-time.  “Wow,” I thought.  “I bet he’s really good.”  I chuckled to myself.  I love competing.

You can read the rest of this entry on Cody’s Facebook page HERE. Parts 1-4 of Cody’s Water for Elephants adventures can be read HERE.  


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  1. John Goodall says:

    I really enjoy Cody’s comments. I hope he has more to say about his experience.

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