Director Francis Lawrence talks about Water for Elephants filming and editing

From MTV’s Hollywood Crush we have a new interview with Francis Lawrence where he discussed working with Lady Gaga, the WFE fans in Tennessee and editing the movie.

“On ‘Water For Elephants,’ every day there would be, like, 50 people [staked out],” he recalled. “We shot in Tennessee for about a week and there would be people camped out in the hallways of our hotel. All day, all night long, it didn’t matter. People were there to try to catch a glimpse. I’m proud of the movie, I’m actually sitting in the cutting room right now.”

Even though filming wrapped at the beginning of August, Francis said he’s not even close to being done with the editing process. “This is only my fourth week of cutting,” he said. “Then I just took a quick two-week vacation, and now I’m cutting. So I’m probably cutting all the way up to Christmas. I think it’s gonna be [a spring release], but it has not been confirmed yet.”

I’m just going to stick my head in the sand regarding the release date. ;) You can read the rest of the article HERE 

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6 Responses to Director Francis Lawrence talks about Water for Elephants filming and editing

  1. Roblover says:

    Thanks for the great news on WFE, and from the director, no less. I’m sure that this is going to be a great movie.

  2. Lisa says:

    Fantastic! Thanks for posting – I always love my WFE updates. :)

  3. Katie says:

    thanks for the update:) But honestly, I’m chomping at the bit for them to hurry up with this movie!!! Guess I’ll just have to keep re-reading the book to get my fix till then.

  4. OutOfMyElement says:

    No! Don’t edit! I want to see every second of what they have on film! Just doesn’t seem right to cut away even one frame of the pretty……….LOL.

  5. OutOfMyElement says:

    P.S. Francis Lawrence looks a little like Bradley Cooper in that picture. Am I right?

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