Sara Gruen’s trip to the Water For Elephants set

While on her book tour, Sara Gruen spoke with about Ape House and Water For Elephants:

Gruen’s last book, Water For Elephants, has just been made into a movie starring Reese Witherspoon and Hal Holbrook. Gruen and her family were invited to play cameo roles in the production. “On location they had all the tents and the very first time they parked and put me in a golf cart and we drove over a berm — it was all there. And I was speechless, because there it was — my book!”

It has given her family financial freedom. Her husband was able to quit a computer job he disliked to become her manager.

But Rosie, the elephant in that book, was born from Gruen’s imagination, unlike the bonobos. And Ape House, although a work of fiction, is based on many real events, including the abuse of chimpanzees and other apes.

Gruen doesn’t want the bonobos to forget her, so she talks with them via Skype and plans to keep visiting, even though she lives in Asheville, N.C., a hike from the trust in the Midwest.

Awww…I get no mention of Rob…he’s still spreading his wings. But no love for Christoph? He just won an Oscar! ;)

Click HERE to read the entire interview and learn more about Ape House.

Be sure to grab your copy today. We have links for WFE and Ape House in our navigation pane. Can you believe I still need to pick up my copy of WFE for the Pasadena book tour next week? I have 3 copies but they’re all eBooks! Kinker Debb will be at the London, Ontario location Oct. 26th and I’ll be at the Pasadena, CA location Oct. 4th. We’ll be passing out “Team Rosie” buttons so hope to see you there…with your books ;)

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  1. Lisa says:

    Cool! I’m going to a book signing for Ape House and I’m hoping to get my copy of WFE signed by Sara Gruen. She’s awesome! :)

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