Potential Release dates for WFE: Germany, UK & WFE distribution in France

 Several dates for the premiere of Water for Elephants in other countries have been floating around the ‘nets. Mark your calendars but these could change.

GERMANY: April 14, 2011  via

UK: April 22, 2011 via

Reminder: ITALY (April 29, 2011) & POLAND (May 6, 2011)

FRANCE: 20th Century Fox to distribute Water for Elephants in France. via

Water for Elephants director, Francis Lawrence tweeted a glimpse of post-production (can I get a “SQUEE”??):

@morticia991 way too fancy for me… I’m just cutting our little movie

Don’t cut too much Mr Lawrence, I know the Kinkers would happily watch a four hour director’s cut! ;)

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