Water for Elephants ~Fan Art Friday~ Trailer Edition

As if the official Water for Elephants trailer wasn’t enough (it is… for now) what followed was a stampede  ;)  of desktop wallpapers, mobile backgrounds and screencap edits. Thankfully, it’s Friday because you can’t have a Fan Art Friday on a Tuesday. So, step right up and find yourself something beautiful!

Our first performer, I mean artist is DreamySim. (click all images to get full size) Visit her beautiful blog, In My Dreams, to get iPhone versions!

I love this one with Hal Holbrook as 90 or 93 year old Jacob. He brought me to tears with just a few seconds of watching the trailer – I don’t stand a chance with this movie. 

From Robnipulations

And a festive one! All of these are available at Robnipulations for iPhone, iPad and Blackberry. Portable #WFE :)

For our grand finale, we present the glorious, gorgeous edits of gittsy!!

Also, for your viewing pleasure, we have UHQ screencaps in our gallery. Go on. Try to pick a favourite!

But wait – there’s more! (I told you. STAMPEDE!!) Our new H2O Tumblr train is running full steam ahead! Hop on board… no redlighting – we promise. Gifs and edits and collages…. oh my!!!

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5 Responses to Water for Elephants ~Fan Art Friday~ Trailer Edition

  1. Robfan;) says:

    ive seen this trailer and ive cried..
    the old jacob brought me to tears.. and the knoweldge that jacon fight for his marlena and then he couldnt live for the rest of his life..
    shit… i cry again…
    this movie will be soo fantastic and so romantic.

  2. Karen says:

    ITA…that 2 seconds of Hal Holbrook gazing at a photo (I’m guessing it’s Marlena and Rosie?) just brought tears to my eyes. This movie is going to be beautiful for sooooo many reasons. From what little we see of Rob in the trailer, he looks like he’s holding his own against 2 Oscar winners! Let’s hope there’s an award like that somewhere in his futures.

  3. Alice87 says:

    Thanks for this great post deb! I can´t get enough! :)

    I´ve watched the trailer so many times now, but it brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart pound every single time!

    I won´t have words for this movie… I´m already sure….

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  5. Cameo says:

    What a lovely film this will be. So amazing to have been out there watching it being filmed in the heat of Summer, and seeing it finally put to film.
    I cryed too. I know I’ll cry at the movie!

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