Likely reason for the Water For Elephants USA theatrical release date change

According to The Hollywood Report, it’s all about the holiday weekend:

Twentieth Century Fox is taking advantage of a sudden opening on the 2011 Easter calendar, pushing back the release of its animated 3D film Rio from April 5 to April 15, and Water For Elephants from April 15 to April 22. The shifts were prompted after Warner Bros. moved Steve Carell’s Crazy, Stupid, Love from April 22 to July 29. Easter Sunday falls on April 24 in 2011. Rio and Water for Elephants, toplining Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattinson and Christoph Waltz, are now positioned closer to the holiday.

Sounds very positive to us :) Sounds like confidence and rightly so. The trailer is fantastic and the buzz gets louder every day.

In honor of holidays, weekends, box office success, and Water For Elephants, here’s our little Christmas/Holiday treat for our readers.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Kinkers :)

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