Water for Elephants on the New York Times bestseller list… AGAIN!

The Kinkers are sending Rosie-sized¬†congratulations to Sara Gruen! Her Water for Elephants is number 7 on the New York Times bestseller list this week and that’s BEFORE the movie tie-in cover is available!


It has us wondering; what will be on the cover? Will it be this?

Marlena, did you know Water for Elephants is on the New York Times bestseller list... AGAIN?

Or maybe this?

Rosie, did you know Water for Elephants is..? oh you did. Smashing news, huh?

Possibly images from Algonquin Books Spring catalogue?

There are hints in this picture. I know it!

We’re getting excited to see the new cover!¬†Hopefully it will be very soon… What was ‘very soon’ to Francis Lawrence? I think I can wait that long… (I’d forgotten how much fun ‘very soon’ was! :) )

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7 Responses to Water for Elephants on the New York Times bestseller list… AGAIN!

  1. RobCatCdn says:

    That is wonderful! If it can stay at that number and go higher up *crossing fingers* for the next three months … imagine how many “readers” the movie will attract. :-) #good.4.Rob

    Does Oprah still do her book club? I have no clue. *shrugs* If she does, wouldn’t it be wonderful if WFE was featured on her show?? #good.4.Rob

    And if Oprah’s on Twitter (again no clue) … how about starting a RT (or whatever it’s called) #WFE.4.Oprah.book.club petition and everyone keep sending it to Oprah’s Twitter. Just an idea. ;-)

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  3. durtyrob4ever says:

    So glad to know that’s it’s on the bestseller list AGAIN!! Hopefully this will only help the movie “hugerer” lol! I’m buying it for my sister for her birthday next week because she is SICK of hearing me go on and on about how good the book is!! Can’t wait til April 22!!
    Did Rob mention the book on Oprah and maybe give her a copy of it when he was on her show?
    Deb my second graders use hugerer all the time so I’m used to it!

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