Water For Elephants movie tie-in cover: Pre-Order NOW!

Update: Several of you have asked about the new cover being available in international markets. We asked our contact at Algonquin and here is his reply:

I believe that other editions will depend on the country—some may use this same image but others may choose something different (Same as with how the trailers may vary.) That being said, I imagine most will go with this same cover.

In addition, our book giveaways have always been worldwide and there will be no exception when the new cover is released on March 1st. :)

from BarnesandNoble.com

How exciting! We, along with Algonquin Books, will be adding these new editions to our giveaways once it’s released. If you’d like to preorder a copy now, click the Barnes and Noble button in the right-hand side navigation window.

99 more days!!!!! :)


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8 Responses to Water For Elephants movie tie-in cover: Pre-Order NOW!

  1. SnowyHedwig says:

    Well, now. I NEED that cover!! *scrolls up to admire again*

  2. Mariazinha says:

    so happy! So happy! So happy!! Very exciting!!
    Yes, I am a fan girl! I’m not ashamed of it!

  3. PunkyBumpkin says:

    Yay! I’m so glad they chose that photo. It’s gorgeous. (The “sexpenders” might have a little something to do with how much I love it, too. LOL)

  4. durtyrob4ever says:

    Rob must be an ARSE man cause he always has his hand on Kristen’s arse and now this!! Such a beautiful cover!! I want a poster of this!!

  5. Maah says:

    i was waiting just for this to buy the book :)

  6. RobCatCdn says:

    I can picture it now … women of all ages around the world – who have no idea who Rob is – walking by a book display with THAT cover … immediately do a double take and ask themself “Who’s that???” Hook.line.&.sinker Welcome to the Rob world ladies! There is no escape. ;-)

    I’d love to win WFE! :-) I have Sara’s other book #gift.from.JAG <3s

  7. Alice87 says:

    Did I hear book give-away? When??? :) :) :)

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