Box Office Mojo: ‘Water For Elephants’ is poised for success

Box Office Mojo recently names Water For Elephants among their 2011 Preview: Ten Miscellaneous Contenders:

While sequels, remakes, comic book adaptations and animated movies will inevitably dominate 2011’s box office, there will still be a few hits that don’t fall in to any of these categories. In 2009, there was Avatar, The Hangover and The Blind Side, and in 2010 there was Inception. Here’s a look at ten of the contenders, including three high-profile book adaptations, a few alien invasion movies, a potential Twilight successor or two and some wholly original wild cards.

Water for Elephants (April 22): It’s easy to dismiss Robert Pattinson as just part of the Twilight craze thanks to the poor box office performance of Remember Me last March. However, his next movie Water for Elephants is poised to be much more successful: it’s helmed by blockbuster director Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend), has interesting co-stars Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz and is based on a reportedly popular book.

WFE is definitely poised for success. We are not dismissing anyone involved and can’t wait for this spectacular film. 82 more days! :)

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10 Responses to Box Office Mojo: ‘Water For Elephants’ is poised for success

  1. hyde86 says:

    poor box office performance… pfft. whose measurement? the capitalistic thing, sure. that’s just the reality of the success and failure in life. everything would be quantifiable.
    but “Remember Me”? one of the best an actor could ever pour in a role. my favorite Robert Pattinson movie. after slamming RM earlier, now they rave about it. can’t wait for WFE!

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  3. IM1LuckyWoman says:

    “is based on a reportedly popular book.” This last line cracks me up. Did no one at Box Office Mojo (a site I DO like) take the time to research just a bit? Water for Elephants spent 12 WEEKS on the New York Times HARDCOVER best seller list…more weeks on the list when it came out in paperback AND reappeared on the list a couple of weeks ago…before the movie tie-in cover even comes out. Wonder what it’ll do in sales once that gorgeous picture of Rob and Reese is the cover (I know I’m buying another copy)!! The movie is going to be EPIC!!

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  5. rpattzgirl says:

    Nice insult there regarding Remember Me. It did not have a poor performance..god I hate when they have to throw their digs in at Rob….

  6. danice says:

    Que ganas de leer water for elephant pero aun no llega a Chile, y quero ver la pelicula, me encanto el trailer, la musica, por supuesto Rob Pattinson que se que lo hara fenomenal, y Reese pero mas lo vere por Rob, para que por fin lo valoren como buen actor que es, he visto varias peliculas que ha trabajado el y es injusto que no lo valoren, tiene mucho talento y es un amor, desde Crepusculo que lo siguo y sigue siendo igual de simpatico y sencillo.Suerte Rob en todo lo que te propongas.

  7. Roblover says:

    rpattzgirl, it makes me sick, too. I love RM and that movie is a gem, a treasure so we won’t forget a tragedy and the lives that were lost. I look forward to WFE, another gem. And rpattz is a gem all by himself.

  8. Bettybmusing says:

    ‘”Remember Me poor box office performance ”

    Now let’s see:

    Movie budget 16million

    The movie Remember Me grossed 56million worldwide

    Sold 11 million in DVDs

    And was listed as one of the most profitable movies in 2010

    These are facts not hear-say

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