SNEAK PEEK: Water For Elephants score & soundtrack

Update on Monday Jan. 31st, from Francis Lawrence:

so exciting!!!

A couple days ago, Stuart M. Thomas, tweeted some pics of the scoring set up for Water For Elephants. Who is Mr. Thomas? From his twitter, @dogtownmusic:

Composer, Arranger, sometimes seen co-producing soundtracks with James Newton Howard. Sometimes known as Stuart M Thomas

And we certainly know who James Newton Howard is :) These pics and their captions underneath got me even more excited (how is that possible) for the music of WFE.

"Scoring setup."

"#WFE view from the piano toward the conductor's podium..."

"Recording jazz and circus music for Water For Elephants."

This last picture sent me over the edge and had me taking a trip through a couple of special tunes related to Water For Elephants. Enjoy these and some additional jazzy music from the era on this lazy Sunday. Hopefully a couple will pop up on the soundtrack ;)

I’m Confessin’ That I Love You ~ Louis Armstrong. You have to listen to this on YouTube so click play and it’ll give you the link to do so. It’s a must listen ;)

Dream a Little Dream of Me ~ Louis Armstrong. Another one you need to listen to on YouTube but again so worth it… IYKWISAITYD

Stars and Stripes Forever (the disaster march). Tell me you don’t start buzzing with excitement for THAT scene :)

Some Ruth Etting, a favorite of Marlena…

And a couple more jazz tunes to top us off…

We’re all buying the soundtrack and score, aren’t we? :)

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18 Responses to SNEAK PEEK: Water For Elephants score & soundtrack

  1. weezieh42 says:

    I really love Jazz and Blues and most of all Louis Armstrong. This is going to be a most definite sound track to get. Sounds good so far. Thank you for sharing

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  3. femroc says:

    This score and movie are going to kill me! My mom/dad got married in 1938 and they loved the music of that era – Shine on Harvest moon was something my mom sang me to sleep with and danced with me as a little child. They were from the Greatest Generation and truly depicted all things good about that era – honest, frugal, kind, always positive thinking and so loving. My mom and dad passed away 2 and 3 years ago and I’d made them a CD of songs of the 30’s that they loved so they could remember those good years of their lives and listened to it with them. I miss them so much and always will. They loved life and music and their kids.
    Seeing Rob, whom I love too, acting and looking like my dad did in those clothes and dancing to that music is just going to absolutely kill me – I know it will definitely be an emotional jolt. I know it will be a beautiful movie.

  4. Amber says:

    Maybe I’m just being pessimistic, but do we really think there will be a soundtrack? And by that I mean one they will sell in stores? I can see a score, no doubt, but a soundtrack? I don’t know. It would all be older music, which probably wouldn’t sell well. And then, of course, if there are modern tunes, it wouldn’t really be holding true to the book, ya know?

    Just my 2 cents.

    • tinkrbe1l3 says:

      Boo, Amber! ;) But definitely something that made me go “hmmmmm”. We’ll have to wait and see…

      We can always make our own after the movie comes out….create a playlist on YouTube of the songs featured lol

      • Amber says:

        Now, I would be down with that!

        Sorry to rain on any parades. I hope I am wrong, but just something to think about. Either way, I know the score is gonna be killer! You can tell that just from what they chose for the US trailer.

      • tinkrbe1l3 says:

        I don’t like parades being rained on for no reason other than to be a sourpuss….you made note of some very valid points.

  5. rosearcadia says:

    So slick, big James Newton Howard fan :)

  6. somanywards says:

    Um, yes*

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  9. Wow, thanks for putting those songs/links together for us tink – love that kind of music too. really can’t wait for this movie (major understatement) and yes, planning on getting the soundtrack (however many there may be) ;)

    Thank you. :)

  10. Elizabeth says:

    My parents came from that era too. I grew up listening to this music.
    The story set in the 1930’s is what originally sparked my interest in reading WFE.

    I saw the trailer for the first time on TV last night. I literally stopped breathing!
    How am I going to make it through the entire film without CPR?

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  12. Love the Circus,Love elephants, Love jazz, Love Louis Armstrong, Love Sara Gruen and her book Water for Elephants….but when they play Stars and Stripes Forever, your serious circus fans are going to recognize the “disaster march” and be hardpressed not to toss the popcorn and go to the nearest exist…. If the movie holds to the details of “circus” as does Sara’s book, the circus fans will be in the moment!

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  15. noni says:

    Here is the soundtrack by James Newton Howard

    There are a variety of songs in the trailers, not found here (and I’m still missing the first song from the second trailer)

    “Ashes to Ashes” by Audiomachine – First trailer
    “Fall of Man” by Full Tilt – First trailer
    “Song for Jesse” by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – Second Trailer
    “Chimerical Dream” by Francois-Paul Aiche

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