Getting Closer! IMDb lists Water for Elephants as ‘Completed’

Looks like the score was the final step in Water for Elephants post-production! has the film’s status as ‘Completed’. *throws confetti*

Exciting! "Now Playing" would be even better. ;)

76 days…

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3 Responses to Getting Closer! IMDb lists Water for Elephants as ‘Completed’

  1. rpattzgirl says:

    Now just give us a premier date and location and we are good to go!!!!

    So freaking excited!!!!

  2. Mary Ellen Awe says:

    Great News!! I’m so excited for the movie to come out. I’m counting the days. :)
    I love this website by the way. You’re doing a wonderful job!!! Keep up the good work. I look forward to future posts.

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