Water For Elephants wrapping up and Robert Pattinson in Vanity Fair for WFE?

A few goodies going on in the social networking world: Francis Lawrence is wrapping things up, Robert Pattinson’s Vanity Fair spread is possibly for Water For Elephants, and Sara Gruen is getting ready for her close up. :)

First up, a tweet from Hibbits!

Ugh. This gets me verklempt.What a journey this has been…let’s move on to other goodies because there will be time later for getting super sentimental.

Francis Lawrence also tweeted, yesterday, about post-production necessities:

ADR = Automated dialogue replacement aka dubbing. A normal part of the film making process. What’s not normal is going to Paris to do it! Oh la la! Christoph Waltz is currently filming Carnage in Paris. I’m green with envy. ;)

The next development isn’t new to Robert Pattinson fans. We’ve known since Feb 7th about this rumor:

However, we just noticed the official WFE facebook page posted this information to their wall!

They linked Perez Hilton’s post about the Vanity Fair speculation. Hm. Deductive reasoning has me very giddy. Why would the official WFE facebook link to Perez Hilton talking about a rumored VF photoshoot with Robert Pattinson if it wasn’t true? And why would they link to Perez Hilton if that rumored photoshoot wasn’t for Water For Elephants!? GAH!!!!! I’m allowing myself to be excited about this. :) I got my money on a WFE spread for VF featuring RP! *places chip*

Finally, Sara Gruen is getting excited for the premiere! On her official facebook, she said, “I’m already panicking about finding a dress!:) She’s going to look gorgeous! Designers, send this woman some dresses! She also promised to post details on the premiere as they come. Sara Gruen is in the dark with us. ;)

Stay tuned! WFE rumblings are cranking up! :)

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9 Responses to Water For Elephants wrapping up and Robert Pattinson in Vanity Fair for WFE?

  1. DebbieCDC says:

    In anticipation of the rumored Vanity Fair shoot coming in the April issue (to coincide with WFE release?) I hurried up and subscribed to VF on Tuesday so I’ll be sure to get a copy. Something tells me that issue of VF could sell out faster than flea powder at a dog rally!

    • smittenkitten says:

      Great idea DebbieCDC…think I’ll do that too! That will be a fantastic photo shoot, like everyone is saying…EPIC, gah! I can only imagine how gorgeous he will be!

      First time I’ve been here girls…great place & wonderful to look through all the WFE info. I’m getting REALLY excited about it all!

      I’m making plans for the premiere, who all is going? Ya’ll have tips to share? I’d love to get together with anybody that will be in NY for this…it would be so much fun!

    • Linda says:

      I just subscribed yesterday and I was too late!! My subscription will start with the May issue! AAARRGGGGGHH!

  2. Maah says:

    And i bet this VF cover is for the WFE promo!
    I would love some new photos of Rob, and if Annie Leibovitz really took these photos, it will be EPIC.
    And i’m hoping a really nice interview as well, i wanna know more about the days on set, the animals, i know Rob loved every moment of that. So Excited!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Very exciting news!

  4. RobCatCdn says:

    This got me very, very excited! :-)
    Rob always looks great in VF photoshoots.
    An article about his experience on WFE would be a lovely bonus.

  5. Roblover says:

    This is great news. I’ll certainly be checking out VF. Thanks.

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