STOMP OUT EEHV: Tai (Rosie) Had A Death in Her Family


It is with a heavy heart that I share the sad news that JP, nephew of Tai the Elephant, passed away at the tender age of 3 1/2. As the mother of a 3 1/2 year old myself, I can’t even begin to imagine the loss that Rosie, his Mommy, felt.

JP was born to Rosie, Tai’s sister, via artificial insemination because she was not able to conceive naturally. He was an absolute joy to his aunties Tai, Becky, Kitty and Dixie, as well as his human family at the ranch. He has an endless energy and enthusiasm that was a great source of delight to all those at the Have Trunk Will Travel Ranch.

Auntie Tai, JP and Rosie in happier times

JP succumbed to EEHV – Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpes Virus, and it’s killing baby elephants all around the world.

EEHV causes fatal haemorrhagic disease, attacking blood vessels, heart and similar organs in elephants and has become a very serious problem. This disease has a sudden acute onset and preferentially targets calves between the ages of one and eight years (with more than half of those between one and three years of age).

This elephant-specific disease has a mortality rate around 85% and has been the cause of death of approximately 25% of the Asian elephants born in North America since 1978. Various strains are found worldwide in both elephants in human care as well as in the wild.


The elephant herd at Have Trunk Will Travel participates in an ongoing EEHV research project conducted by the National Elephant Herpes Virus Laboratory at the Smithsonian National Zoo. JP had been donating serum for this research throughout his entire lifetime. Upon his death, blood and tissue samples were collected to gain desperately needed information for the studies and research projects working toward the answers and solutions to keep other baby elephants alive and healthy.

Rosie and her precious son JP

The loss of JP has inspired the Have Trunk Will Travel team to double up on their efforts to wipe out the deadly disease and they are committed to continuing to aid EEHV research projects.


The International Elephant Foundation (IEF) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that is funding the EEHV research by using your TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations to fund the important research work being done by:

  • National Elephant Herpes Virus Laboratory at the Smithsonian National Zoo
  • Baylor College of Medicine
  • New York State College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University

What would Jacob do? Jacob would donate. Every dollar counts. Please consider helping this cause and help save baby elephants worldwide!

This Water for Elephants fan site is happy to announce that we will be kick starting the fundraiser with our own $200 donation to help find a Cure for Elephants.

Donate today and save the baby elephants:

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