International News Roundup: Premieres and Trailers and Red Lips, oh my!

With promo heating up, there’s lots of Water for Elephants news to catch up on. All aboard the round-up train!!! ;)

The movie tie-in edition for Water for Elephants will be available soon. We’ve seen the French cover, now here’s the German one.

Sehr gut! :)


More exciting news for German Water for Elephants fans as a Berlin premiere was announced by You can read the full article HERE via ThinkingofRob

Pattinson celebrates 27 April with “Water for Elephants”, Waltz and Witherspoon big premiere in Germany in Berlin.

Click for HQ!

More Water for Elephants posters HERE.

International trailers and French premiere rumblings and Italy’s Vanity Fair talking about the reddest lips evah! and MORE… after the jump!

20th Century Fox France has Water for Elephants featured on their site including the international trailer, en francais. You can see the trailer in lots of different languages (including the official Russian one) on our International Trailers page. Check out the recently released German TV spot with a few new scenes. :)

Speculations on a Water for Elephants premiere in France surfaced. Translation from Robert Pattinson Life

The information has not yet been officially confirmed but several sources have circulated the info: Robert Pattinson should be present in Paris in April. He would come to promote his new film “Water for Elephants,” in which he gives in particular the response to Reese Witherspoon. In any case, what we do know is that the actor will be shooting in Vancouver until April 15. His arrival in France would be likely in late April … Play-Academy is sure to keep you informed as soon as things become clearer. For fans of Robert Pattinson and Twilight , do not miss out of all the secrets of the Twilight Saga: The Official Guide illustrated that will appear on April 13!

There are lots of scans out there! From Spain’s Cinemania,

scan credit

And another one from Italy’s Best Movie Magazine right HERE.

Have I saved the best for last? I don’t know… I think all this is the best. Italy’s Vanity Fair gave a little preview of her interview with Robert Pattinson that will be used for Water for Elephants promotion. Her take on his appearance: (google translation)

Yes. Very very red.

“I need to wake up,” he apologizes. And, indeed, has the sleepy face, but eyes incredibly clear. Then he sits down and puts his feet on the coffee table in front of the chair.
He wears a pair of jeans blacks, quite narrow at the bottom to move back on bended knees exposing a piece of skin between the short socks (and those blacks) and the edge of his trousers. He has white skin, dark hairs and sparse.
At the foot wears a pair of Dr. Martens, ça va sans dire, black. Complete put a T-shirt and a jacket that I would say vintage eye. The hair is shaved on the neck, with a little ‘in front of the bunch, the skin clear and smooth.

And then my lips: I swear, the more red I’ve ever seen in a man.

:) I think that is going to be a GREAT interview! You can read the rest of the preview HERE.

This is just the beginning! We’ll see Reese Witherspoon at the Oscars this Sunday and Vanity Fair’s April issue hits stands next week. I think I’ve blocked out the idea of a new Water for Elephants trailer for now… I need to function. Details on next week’s goodies are HERE.

Have a wonderful weekend! We kick off next week with Kinkers Jen and Tink’s visit to Tai (click HERE for a tiny preview) and a new giveaway announcement! 55 days…

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