AUDIO: Highlights from Robert Pattinson talking ‘Water For Elephants’ on Ryan Seacrest

Lots of Water for Elephants talk this morning when Robert Pattinson called in to Ryan Seacrest’s morning show!


  • Water for Elephants is “a big, beautiful, old-fashioned love story.” Set in the 30s circus, Rob and Reese play lovers, “it’s very sweet.
  • Rob watched documentaries from the 30s to get the feel for the era but gave kudos to Sara Gruen saying the novel was “historically accurate“. He also praises Jack Fisk, the production designer, and costume designer, Jacqueline West for the “incredibly authentic, true to life” sets and costumes.
  • Rob said Christoph Waltz is “absolutely incredible” and “perfect for the movie.” Thought it was nice that Waltz received the part specified for an American.  Many people at that time were immigrants especially in the circus with many nationalities were represented.
  • Rob was intimidated by Tai at first, meeting her with 5-6 other fully-grown elephants. “I got carried around in her mouth” and “you suddenly realize how incredible they are.

Wonderful interview with loads of WFE talk. Rob also talked briefly about the WFE press tour, the premiere on April 17th, and theatrical release on the 22nd. Be sure to look out for the NEW trailer airing later today on!

YouTube of the interview after the cut

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7 Responses to AUDIO: Highlights from Robert Pattinson talking ‘Water For Elephants’ on Ryan Seacrest

  1. Deb, it’s a wonderful interview. He sounds so light, happy. Love hearing him laugh…always. Was trying to picture him slipping down the side of a muddy hill trying to get out of the way while they were filming BD and conducting the interview at the same time. Hearing him talk about Tai, giving shout outs to crew members who worked on WFE, etc., still has me smiling. Our boy did good :)

  2. rpattzgirl says:

    He sounded amazing as always-very happy, carefree, not at all like he’s protrayed in VF…he needs to be heard and seen…
    his giggle has made my day….
    He sounds so proud of WFE..god I adore him…

  3. somanywards says:

    It was LOVELY hearing his voice this morning = “audio Sunshine”*
    Listening to him laugh is such GOOD medicine*

  4. whitbysucks says:

    Fangirl Squweeee! Thank you for making that so accessible! Sigh! Can’t believe someone can sound so happy in the cold rain and mud. Cheers H2OforElephants!

  5. Roblover says:

    The interview was one of the best I’ve heard. Rob sounded so relaxed. Thanks, I enjoyed it.

  6. RobCatCdn says:

    I loved the interview! Listenned to it twice … it put a big smile on my face. :-) GiggleRob FTW! Thanks Deb! <3

  7. renate says:

    A Satelite wonder Ryan sounds weird….I got a call once from my friend and I told her I’m buying nothing…The Interview is great ..they are really lucky..Ryan can thank him forever…sweet…never heard of frosting on an Elephant ..someone???

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