NEW #WFE TRAILER! New ‘Water for Elephants’ Trailer Debuts on

Updated with Youtube courtesy @WaterElephants!!

Screencaps!! Best of the Best right HERE.

Check out the BRAND NEW Water for Elephants trailer on!

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11 Responses to NEW #WFE TRAILER! New ‘Water for Elephants’ Trailer Debuts on

  1. LTavares20111 says:


  2. somanywards says:

    one word – magnificent*

  3. Smitten says:

    The trailer is beautiful, it’s got a golden tone that warms and softens the images. Robert Pattinson takes my breath away. He is a work of art, his face is unusual, not classically good looking but unique, his expressions are mesmerizing, those eyes…. cannot wait for April 22.

  4. carolyn martinez says:

    The “Official” Water for Elephant trailer is beautiful. I have never looked so forward to seeing a movie in my life. Now i know how those younger ones felt (my daughter) seeing Twilight for the first time…Robert, once again you have moved me to tears. You are a wonderful distraction in a very difficult life, and this trailer made me cry, for it has been yet another horrible day being a widow and mother of two to still raise, now alone…This movie reminded me that i have a couple of beautiful hours to look forward to taking me away from my reality, into a magical place were i can be happy.

    What Robert has accomplished as a good actor and a lovely human being, is achieve making others happy. Like a song can move you, Robert has moved me. I think that is what actors & movies, musicians & songs try to succeed in doing. Robert has succeeded in something far more important than another movie role…Thank you Robert, I adore you.

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  6. MMC says:

    LOVE this trailer. Does anyone know the music?

  7. Zuza says:

    I see the Oscar nominations for this movie. It’ll be a simple failure if there won’t be any.

  8. Roblover says:

    I am totally impressed by this trailer. I am looking forward to seeing this movie. Rob is Jacob in every way. Thanks.

  9. Juann says:

    Hey Tink, Jen, JAG and Deb, I have a question. I absolutely love all the screencaps of Rob, but I was wondering if anyone had one of the scene where the train is steaming through the night with the river to the right and city or town lights on a hill to the left. I think that image is so beautiful even though Rob isn’t in it. I tried to freeze frame it but didn’t work. If you could tell me how to do it or if someone more tech savey than I am could make one I would love it. Thank you all so much for all the fantastic updates. I swooned over the last trailer, can’t wait until April, I will be first in line!!

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