TWITTER: Director says thank you and more Water For Elephants goodies

The new Water For Elephants trailer was received VERY well :)

Twitter was on FIRE with praise. While we couldn’t get it trending worldwide, WFE & elephants DID trend in Brazil! We need their methods!

Thanks @fab_w for the pic!

In a funny twist, Francis Lawrence started trending worldwide for directing the new Lady Gaga video…but we’ll pretend it’s for WFE. ;)

What The Trend did at least mention WFE in the explanation:

That about wraps up the twitter goodies for WFE trailer day. Be sure to follow the official Water For Elephants twitter: @WaterElephants!

A little twitter bonus: Robert Pattinson’s director from New Moon, Chris Weitz, shared his thoughts on the new WFE trailer:

That’s my boy right there. Looks lovely. I’m in line 1st weekend.

So supportive! We’re ALL going to be in in line the first weekend…several times that weekend. ;)

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  2. RobCatCdn says:

    Cool! :-) Gotta love Chris W. I checked is Twitter to see what he talks about #Rob #movies Thanks Tink! <3

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