#WFE Fan Art Friday! Step Right Up and Get All-New Wallpapers!

The new Water for Elephants trailer has inspired fans yet again, and we’ve got a fantastic wallpaper collection to share with you! May I draw your attention to the centre ring? For your #WFE desktop enjoyment…. presenting…. the Magnificent Marina!!!!!

Click to get full size :)

Lots more, including papers from DreamySim1, Gittsy, RobsButtonsBabe and LolaMiSweetLove (I’ve made up circus names for them too! ;) ) after the jump!

Two more from the Magnificent Marina! :)

Click for full size :)

Click for full size :)

From The Dazzling DreamySim1!!

Click to for full size :)

From Gittsy the Gigagifted!!

Click for full size :)

From The Lovely LolaMiSweetLove!

Click for full size :)

 And, for our final act, the Rare and Wonderful….. RobsButtonsBabe!.

Click for full size :)

Hope you enjoyed the show!!! (I can’t stop talking circus!) Have a wonderful weekend! :)

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2 Responses to #WFE Fan Art Friday! Step Right Up and Get All-New Wallpapers!

  1. RobCatCdn says:

    These are fabulous! Adding to my small {close to 800} wallpaper collection. :-)
    Thank you to the wonderful ladies that made these. Thanks for sharing Deb! <3

  2. deb24601 says:

    <3 Lovey!! Crazy days in the Rob World huh? Email me when you get a chance, I miss you! :)

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