Beautiful wallpapers from ‘Water For Elephants’ 2nd international trailer

Robert Pattinson talking about Water for Elephants: “It’s a big, beautiful, old fashioned love story.”

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*fans self* He’s not kidding!

MORE wallpapers after the cut…slightly spoilerish ;)

This wallpaper has one of my top 3 quotes from the book. :)

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Who wants to be Jacob Jankowski’s assistant?

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This is pure art. Rodrigo Prieto’s work in WFE is going to blow our minds.

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Again, who wants to be Jacob’s assistant?? So cute :)

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Thank you Marina for the gorgeous wallpapers! Oh wait, it’s Magnificent Marina, right? Magnificent indeed ;)

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17 Responses to Beautiful wallpapers from ‘Water For Elephants’ 2nd international trailer

  1. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures. I can hardly wait to see the film… is going to absolutely magnificent.

  2. hyde86 says:

    “it’s the state of bliss you think you’re dreaming,
    it’s the happiness inside that you’re feeling,
    it’s so beautiful, it makes you wanna cry…”

    these immediately came to my mind -from Avril Lavigne’s “Innocence”- when I saw the trailers of WFE. truly deserving of being one of the most anticipated movies. rob – as far as what has been shown – really did a good job, no, not job, but art. and these photos, are really captivating.

    can’t wait for (April22 there) May4 here. gonna live vicariously for that almost two weeks from you guys. everything is worth the wait and all that comes with it for ROBERT PATTINSON.


  3. WOW! These are seriously beautiful – thanks Magnificent ;) Love them. How amazing was that new trailer? I think I only just survived….*fans self*
    Thanks for sharing the pretty.

  4. anny says:

    OMG the trailer is more than fantastic it will be a huge movie for all of us and rob is absolutely perfect this movie will show all his haters that he can act I’M so proud for him

  5. DANICE says:

    Hermosas fotos , es que Rob sale hermoso en esta pelicula ,sin maquillaje, tal como es tan hermoso (tambien como persona) es un excelente actor ojala que la critica cinefila lo valoren en esta pelicula, fuera de la saga (aunque lo conoci en la saga, y lo hace estupendo de Edward), en Recuerdame y sus peliculas antiguas, es un actorazo…….No hallo las horas que sea fines de abril para verlo en los cines. Me encantaron los trailer y el libro lo estoy leyendo…..

  6. DANICE says:


  7. RobCatCdn says:

    I do, I do! LOL :-) Great wallpapers Marina! Esp. the first one. *thud*

  8. crystal says:

    I have just found this site lovely articles and pictures cant wait for the film , I heard his interview saying how he watched documentaries to get a feel of the era and how true and authentic to the time the film is .He found the elephants quite intimidating when they stood up dont blame him i would be too bu they are so inteligent gentle creatures, I wish he d been asked more about filming in general I know they have to be carefull about giving away the plot , but I read an article of him explaing just how beautiful the set was and the atmosphere etc., and its really hearing that side

  9. Mitts402002 says:

    Oh, Marina, there are no words. Thank you.

  10. deb24601 says:

    Oh Marina, that first one especially… *fans self* Just beautiful. Thank you. :)

  11. Pitu says:

    The book is wonderful … and the movie from what I have seen in the trailers is true to the book. Rob is spectacular in its interpretation …. and for those who have not read the book …. get ready this is only just beginning.

    PS: The release date in Spain is a bit strange is Wednesday May 6, and premieres are always on Fridays. Unless we surprise …. hopefully!!

  12. LMcLuckie says:

    truly, this entire site has been a pleasure! Thanks so much for your work and sharing…this is how it should be done. Hollywood should pay attention to how easy it is to generate such an interest and following!!! I can not wait until this movie…it looks “delicious”. I have read all four of Sara Gruen’s books! Again, thanks to all who have “gone” there for us and for all of those wonderful pictures of THE Rob Pattinson.

  13. lindsey says:

    these are beautiful-thank you Marina! I LOVE this site…I come on almost every day to get my dose of WFE news…fantastic site- great job to everyone involved! this movie will be amazing just from what the trailers have shown…it looks very true to the book. WFE is one of my favorite books, I’ve read it multiple times so it will be exciting to wait in line at the movie theater and go see it on the big screen. everyone enjoy it as well :)

  14. wallpaper says:

    Where i can find the trailer?

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