Wallpapers: ‘Water For Elephants’ inspires fabulous fan-made art

Just-plain-awesome Jules created this lovely wallpaper for all of you to enjoy:

Click for HQ image

Magnificent Marina continues to be inspired by the beauty in Water For Elephants:

Click for HQ image

Click for HQ image

Divinely Dreamy wallpapers are also pouring in:

Click for HQ image

Click for HQ image

Fans are so insanely creative and we can’t thank Jules, Marina, and Dreamy enough for sharing their beautiful fanart with us. xx :)

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3 Responses to Wallpapers: ‘Water For Elephants’ inspires fabulous fan-made art

  1. Juann says:

    Marina, thank you for combining Rob with the night scene of the train, absolutely beautiful!

  2. CMarieG says:

    Jules, Marina, and Dreamy you are amazing!! I think I have every one of your wallpapers!! So beautiful!!! Thank you!!!

  3. RobCatCdn says:

    These are great! *swoon* They all have mad skills! :-) <3

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