RED CARPET PREMIERES: Fox Confirms Tentative International Premiere Dates for ‘Water for Elephants’

From Official Water for Elephants Facebook:

Hi all! We have TENTATIVE premiere tour dates set for the following countries. Please keep in mind that at this point, any of these could change, as we’re working around a number of factors.


Earlier today, Fox confirmed that the USA red carpet premiere would be held in New York City on April 17.

More news as it becomes available!

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9 Responses to RED CARPET PREMIERES: Fox Confirms Tentative International Premiere Dates for ‘Water for Elephants’

  1. karen says:

    What about Canada? We love Rob as well!!

  2. RobCatCdn says:

    This is fabulous! I can’t believe how much coverage WFE is getting. For selfish reasons … I can’t wait to see Rob on the red carpet at these premieres! #RobPorn Plus watching the doz and doz red carpet interviews … you never know what Rob will say. #no.filter And of course, seeing Reese and Chris will be great too! :-)

    This post just made my month! Thanks for the 411 Jen! <3

  3. silkyfine49 says:

    i am so excited about WFE, and seeing rob, reese and chris, thanks Fox

  4. Isabel says:

    I just wish there wasn’t someone on the Official FB Page (and some others) calling for some Boycott of the film by Italy due to there being no Italian premier….or something along those lines. Hey, the movie was filmed almost entirely in LA and the surrounding area, and the premier is 3000 miles away from where the film was almost entirely shot…we aren’t boycotting!

  5. Ruby says:

    Thankyou for dates – Uk
    Really hope Rob is able to have day off when hes doing premiere the last time he had been working from 5.30 am he was struggling , I love the fact that he doesnt rattle off well rehearst(? spelling) speaches , I love the fact that hes light hearted and fun but he is intelligent and insiteful and interesting and its so anoying and upseting when all the interviewer wants is gossip and deliberatly turns anything he says to a negative to critisise and discredit him he works so hard hes had amazing opportunities , yes I enjoy his pictures as much as the next but theres a damn site more to him than that .whats with vf concentrating or leading him to negative comments when he s asked interesting questions its much better vf had pictures and article of him doing a jam session and they didnt realise he could play thought he was there to pose at the piano and they said he held his own and could play so why why why was this not included ??????? and the picture was far far nicer than the cover, cant wait for this film and i hope hope hope he has fair comments from the critics Im worried every article will concentrate on other gossipy unrelated topics and he will be critisied for not been as good as two very experienced oscar winning actors hope they will be fair and balanced with him he so deserves some positive support , but he brings so much to films and the characters It looks as if they work well and compliment each other and the film will be amazing .(sorry for long comment and spelling)this is a lovely site

  6. Lynda Motl says:

    Just wanted to ask the meaning of the title??? The web is full of all kinds of answers but I don’t agree with any of them…. So what des it mean?

    • Pattid53 says:

      I can assumed it comes from several comments in the book. Early in the story, Jacob is arguing with a nursing home resident who said he carried water for elephants.

  7. smittenkitten says:

    Happy Birthday to Tink!!!

  8. Victoria says:

    AUSTRALIA!!! Yay this is great news! I cant wait if my friend and I can see Rob and Reese on the red carpet! Thankyou Fox & all the other ppl who organized these dates. Aussie fans of Rob have been waiting SO long to get him out here and show him just how much we love and appreciate him. :)

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