PHOTO: New ‘Water for Elephants’ Movie Still of Robert Pattinson as Jacob

From MTV’s Hollywood Crush:

Jacob Jankowski


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14 Responses to PHOTO: New ‘Water for Elephants’ Movie Still of Robert Pattinson as Jacob

  1. rpattzgirl says:

    GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful!!!!

  2. Roblover says:

    He’s so gorgeous. Love the setting as well. Thanks for the new picture.

  3. Ripley says:

    There aren’t enough pretty words in the world to describe this man. Nothing new here….he is just gorgeous.

  4. Izzie says:

    OMJ! he looks absolutely beatiful…the backgrounds looks great too…it makes me even more excited for the movie!

  5. Dee says:

    Perfect!!! sigh

  6. Linda says:

    This part was just made for Rob!

  7. Bella94 says:

    he’s so great!! Rob is perfect as Jacob!! I love the book (the story is so wonderful!) and the movie will be extraordinary too, I’m sure!

  8. DANICE says:


  9. Jean says:

    Love the picture. Love the way he stands . Handsome from head to toe.

  10. lindsey says:

    well hello there beautiful ;)
    can’t wait for this movie! fantastic book and will be a fantastic movie!

  11. Nene says:

    He looks so gorgeous! He’s perfect as Jacob!

  12. CraZ4uRPatz says:

    Omg! He is just so handsome love u Rob!

  13. doodle1121 says:

    this man is absolutely FINE!!! and a really great actor

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