Upcoming Events: Water For Elephants special, Robert Pattinson & Reese Witherspoon interviews

Water For Elephants promo is in full swing and today brought us 3 exciting events to look forward to.

PhotobucketFirst up is a contest to interview Reese Witherspoon! Popsugar is hosting this one on one interview and you have a chance to win this exclusive with Reese. Contest ends March 17th so click HERE to read more details on how to enter. Good luck!

PhotobucketNext up, you may not get to interview him yourself but you can #AskRob all the questions you can think of! How is this possible? MTV First is LIVE streaming a special, 30 minute Q&A with Robert Pattinson an March 18th at 8:56 EST. What makes this so special is fans get to submit the questions! If you’re on twitter, add the hashtag, #AskRob, to your question and cross your fingers that Josh Horowitz picks your tweet. You can also click HERE to see how to submit questions if you are not on twitter.

Rob will also introduce a NEW Water For Elephants clip that will air during the MTV special! :) March 18th will be a big day for WFE fans because not only will there be the MTV special, there’s also Rob on Jay Leno later that evening!

Wow…can the day bring us any more upcoming events to look forward to?

Yes it can!


Fox Movie Channel tweeted on March 9th:

On the set of a new series we’re producing. First episode is about Water For Elephants. Getting the scoop right now on casting Water For Elephants from casting director Denise Chamian. Did you read the book? What does the Twitterverse think of the casting of Water For Elephants? Good chemistry between Reese and Robert? Water For Elephants fans: what do you want to know about how the book was adapted into a movie? We’ll ask the filmmakers for our new show. More Water For Elephants updates on Friday during our next filmmaker interviews. Show will air next month. Details soon…

Friday came and what details did they share?

Water For Elephants updates! Interviews with the filmmakers today. Director Francis Lawrence, producers Andrew Tennenbaum and Erwin Stoff. This is the man smart enough to option the book of WFE before anyone in Hollywood – Andrew Tennenbaum.

I'm Team Andrew! Can't wait to hear from him :)

Recreating an entire circus was a highlight for the filmmakers of WFE. We’re told that zebras make weird noises. From the Water For Elephants filmmakers: Reese Witherspoon got to work closely with elephants and had a real relationship with Rosie! From the Water For Elephants filmmakers: Robert Pattinson is a great young man, a real actor and an animal lover! Perfect casting for WFE. Next week we interview Richard LaGravenese, the renowned screenwriter with the big challenge of adapting Sara Gruen’s novel into a movie. WFE fans: thanks for all your filmmaker questions. Many will be answered in our show. Will tweet air date & time soon…

GAH!!! Are you NOT pumped??? This will be an amazing episode and we can’t wait for it to air. Of course we’ll let you know the air date and time as soon as it’s revealed.

Good luck to everyone entering the Reese contest and submitting questions for Robert! These promise to be fantastic interviews since they will be from fans. :)


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    I am trying to find out how I can summit a question(I don’t have a twitter). I clicked on the line that was provide above but it doesn’t say how to send a question other than the twitter way. Is there truly another way to summit a question or should I get one of my friends that has twitter to summit my question for me. Thanks if you can help me out!!

  2. Mel says:

    Thanks! I that was so obvious yet I missed it. lol

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