‘Water For Elephants’ soundtrack listing revealed!

We chatted about the potential Water For Elephants soundtrack a bit back and now we have the track listing!!!

This is SO exciting because Ruth Etting is mentioned as a favorite of Marlena’s! I love that we’re going to have a soundtrack with fantastic, authentic music of the late 20s/early 30s. We can also see that Jacob will in fact speak some polish to Rosie. ;) Check out the YouTube of the Ruth Etting and Bessie Smith numbers and imagine Marlena singing along in her dressing room. ;)

Click HERE to preorder your WFE soundtrack!

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  1. DebbieCDC (aka SeattleChik) says:

    Oh wow and Bessie Smith too! Epic!

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  10. DANICE says:

    Me gusta la cancion cuando baila Jacob (Rob Pattinson) y Marlene( Reese) aunque no se nota mucho , supongo que en la pelicula sera mas nitido , pocas veces he visto a Rob bailar en peliculas , pero se que baila bien.

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  13. Zuza says:

    I really hope there won’t be so many language mistakes in Rob speaking polish. I am Polish and it’s always very uncomfortable to hear when they say it’s their native language and then they just can’t say anything correctly. For example the “Proszę, Rosie, dac nogę” – there should be “daj”. It’s something like “give” and “gave”. I really really hope someone felt like write the lines ok in the script. Well, who cares, I am SO excited to hear Rob speaking polish, his accent is more than fine! And the score is going to be EPIC.
    Ruth Etting!!!! <3

    • Grazyna says:

      Zuza, people who don’t know Polish might misinterpret your “It’s something like “give” and “gave” – as it represents “give = daj” in a present tense sentence and “gave = dal or dala” in the past tense. I know what you mean; however, I think it would be easier for a non-Polish person to understand that it is something like a difference between “to give” and “give” (“dac” and “daj”).
      I am also like you so excited for this movie to come out and I just can’t wait to see Rob as Jakub Jankowski! Take Care! Z cieplymi pozdrowieniami, Grazyna

  14. Alice87 says:

    I´ve ordered my Soundtrack on Friday… Can´t wait to hold it in my hands!

    The track list looks great!

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  16. Grazyna says:

    I am Polish, too, and it worries me when I see on the soundtrack “Prosze, Rosie, dac noge” instead of “Prosze, Rosie, daj noge”. (It is like “Please, Rosie, to give a leg” instead of “Please, Rosie, give a leg”). It makes me very concerned what Polish language coach the film production hired. I know Rob is capable of saying anything “just right” in any language – but he needs to know how to say it from a good coach. The question is – did the movie hire a good language coach? It annoyed me also a lot that even in the book there were bad translations of sentences into Polish. Somebody should do a better job with that. I will go to see a movie with a hope that at least in the movie Polish will be good. We will see.

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  24. RobCatCdn says:

    Tried commenting twice yesterday and both times they went into a black hole! *crossing fingers it works now*

    Those are great songs! Yet another great thing to look forward too. :-) When the first one was playing I immediately thought about Charlie Chaplin. #era I’ve noted the others to try and find them on YouTube.

    Thanks Think! <3

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  29. Sabrina says:

    Water for elephants is absolutely amazing and So is the twinkling music playing in the backround of the trailer. What is the name of that song?

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