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Jacob and Rosie need your support :)

A recent article from, dated 3/12/11, projected Water for Elephants box office figures that left me truly vexed.

60 million cumulative? Really? This didn’t seem right to me but I’m no statistician nor have I been studying box office numbers long enough to validate my disbelief. It’s a frustrating figure. I don’t like being frustrated.

I explored a previous post on the site and found some interesting information. Information that got me motivated.

From, dated 3/9/11, the article looked at weekend projections for 3/11-3/13. They made references to Facebook and Twitter throughout, but mainly Facebook. Follow me here and check out what they said (I bolded the key parts):

The latest alien invasion flick should have no problem trumping a modern take on a classic fairy tale and Disney’s new animated adventure at the box office this coming weekend.

Battle: Los Angeles is a prime example of how keeping a film’s marketing campaign intentionally vague can really pay off. The teaser for the Sony/Columbia release was nearly as successful as what the studio put together for District 9, and that alien-themed film went on to rake in a healthy $115.6 million domestically. While Battle: Los Angeles may have a tough time hitting that mark—District 9 had the advantage of being a summer release—it could end up pretty close. A #1 finish for Battle: Los Angeles will be quite an accomplishment considering that stars Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriquez are far from reliable draws. It just goes to show that star power isn’t everything.

According to’s most recent WebWatch report, Battle: Los Angeles boasts a healthy 8.73% market share of online opinions among unreleased films. It’s second only to Water for Elephants.

Battle: Los Angeles is having a strong week on Facebook. The sci-fi extravaganza’s most active page has tacked on more than 7,000 new supporters since early Monday morning, pushing its total beyond 162,000. Most #1 openers add around 2,000 new supporters a day. On Twitter, Battle: Los Angeles is inspiring more tweets than The Book of Eli and Skyline.

Look for Battle: Los Angeles to rake in $30 million from around 3,000 locations during its debut frame.

Director Catherine Hardwicke brings a dark, foreboding tone to the classic tale of Red Riding Hood. Hardwicke is the director responsible for launching the Twilight franchise, so she certainly knows how to make a product that appeals to teens. Star Amanda Seyfried is building a strong following among twentysomethings, and that will help expand Red Riding Hood‘s audience. Yet Seyfried is still on her way up and she’s not quite a blockbuster draw yet. Letters to Juliet, her last starring role, opened to $13.5 million. Looks for Red Riding Hood to improve on that by a respectable margin.

According to WebWatch, Red Riding Hood boasts a 6.22% market share of online opinions among unreleased films. That puts it right behind Battle: Los Angeles.

On Facebook, Red Riding Hood has a weak following for a film that will skew heavily female. The Warner Bros. release’s most active page only has more than 53,000 supporters—Letters to Juliet had more than 200,000 at the same point before release. Twitter activity isn’t very reassuring either considering that Red Riding Hood trails the likes of The Last Song and The Roommate.

Expect Red Riding Hood to grab $16.5 million from around 2,900 locations during its opening weekend.

Mars Needs Moms will be hurt quite a bit by the fact that it’s opening just a week after Rango. While it could still eventually find more of an audience after Rango begins to subside, Disney should not expect a #1 debut.

On Twitter, Mars Needs Moms is trailing Rango and Gnomeo & Juliet by a substantial amount. It’s Facebook fan count of 27,000+ is also very weak. Rango had more than 216,000 fans on the Wednesday before hitting theaters.

Look for Mars Needs Moms to bring in a mediocre $13.5 million from 3,000 locations during its first weekend in theaters.

Click HERE to see the actual box office numbers from the weekend. Pretty accurate. regularly does Facebook analysis in their projections and how much fan support films have online. There is a relationship between these numbers and box office numbers.

Bottom line: Let’s get the official WFE Facebook and Twitter numbers up.

They recently hit 18,000 “likes” and its growing. WFE fans already plan to break the bank on opening weekend but we get goodies as this number climbs so that’s further motivation. Just yesterday, we were treated to a high quality still for the Facebook page reaching 18,000 fans. The publicity directors behind the online campaign have been very communicative with fans these past weeks and work to keep us engaged.

We have less than 6 weeks until the movie comes out.

Make sure you “like” the official Facebook page and follow the official twitter @WaterElephants. Then, share their posts with your friends and retweet info to your followers. Tell people about the New York Times best-seller and loan your book. Get folks to tune in to Rob’s Leno and MTV interviews on Friday. Talk about the contests out there and get anybody you can to enter. Wear Team Rosie buttons or create your own flair to spread interest. Participate in the WFE community. :)

Help get those numbers climbing because this movie is spectacular and deserves a spectacular showing. “60 million cumulative” needs to be redlighted. ;)

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13 Responses to Help the official ‘Water for Elephants’ social network campaign

  1. My honest opinion, I think for a movie epoch/drama the predictions Water for Elephants made ​​by Box Office Mojo are very respectable, in fact if WFE does that amount of money going to be alright, I prefer the other side keep expectations low. The film however can do more than that.

  2. Dianne says:

    I think they are far under rating the power of Robert Pattinson’s fans.

  3. Dina says:

    I think the movie can likely do much better than that, it’s a movie that may have good word of mouth that lasts a while. The reaction to it so far in the media is very positive and open-minded. I’ve never seen a movie ‘s trailer reviewed as actively as WFE’s and so positively, too. I mean, it’s been a news event! And of course, Sara Gruen wrote a beloved novel that’s selling really well. Still!

  4. Zuza says:

    And anyone knows the budget of WFE? I bet it’s pretty big, isn’t it?

  5. RobCatCdn says:

    Like a good Rob fan … I had already “liked” the WFE Facebook page. :-)

    The one thing they forget is that not everybody uses social media tools. When you think “target demographics” for WFE … it will include teenagers (mostly girls), adults of all ages including seniors … some of them aren’t too tech. savy.

    For instance, my father (66) can barely manage to use e-mail … forget about opening, saving or attaching a file! LOL He’ll be going to see WFE. Guess with who??? LOL :-)

    This said … I think $60 M is a bit low Add another $20 M or so and I’ll be a happy camper. ;-)

    Thanks Tink! <3

    • tinkrbe1l3 says:

      Maybe I’m being silly but I want $100 million at least domestic ;) It’s Easter weekend…hope folks take the family.

      • Melissa says:

        I understand wanting to keep expectations low to avoid disappointment. But I agree with you Tink. I so badly want this movie to blow the minds and expectations of the box office projections, the critics, the fans, et al. I will go 20 times if need be, gladly. I will drag strangers off the street if I have to.

        But here’s the thing I can’t let go of – this book has been a New York Times bestseller forever. Don’t all of those readers want to see it come to life? If it touched them in even the slightest way, then the answer must be unequivocally YES! And let’s not forget fans of the cast – um, one 24 year old actor in particular. :-) Yes, I mean you Robert Pattinson!

        Cheers to the hope of Water for Elephants raking in over $100 million domestic. I am so ready to drink to that!

  6. Mia says:

    I think the film looks like it could do really well, it just has that feel about it. But BO mojo predicted figures seem kinda what you’d expect for a period drama, it appeals mostly to an older audience and probably a teenage one as well. But with the way Fox are promoting this movie and all the positive buzz that seems to be surrounding it, I can see it exceeding expectations. Besides it’s always best having low expectations regarding box office takings and hopefully we’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  7. Kim says:

    I agree with Mia above, maybe it’s better to start with low/reasonable expectations, and be pleasantly surprised. The film does have an incredible buzz… I think it will do wonderfully. I’m in touch with Twilight fans through a forum and almost all of them are eager to see this film, much more than they were for Remember Me for example. The trailer is a great success with these Twi-fans of all ages.

  8. Jean says:

    I think the movie should be way up there if his fans go see this movie . You need to go if you want to continue to see him in great movies like this. It s to bad he is making his other movie right now or he could be doing more interviews for it. I am not putting this very good but I like him very much and Iwill stand behind him pluss It is going to be a great movie and he is beautiful in it as well as Reese. I can’t wait to see it!!!

  9. Roblover says:

    I agree with RobCatcdn. I’m 66 and I don’t use facebook or social networking. But I know what I love, and I will fight to the death for Rob Pattinson and this wonderful movie. I will journey miles from home many times just to see this movie as I have done for all of Robert Pattinson’s movies.

    It broke my heart when the critics gave such bad reviews for RM, which was a wonderful movie with such a deep meaning. I’m hoping this doesn’t happen again. Thanks for the info.

  10. M. Foster. says:

    Having seen the under-cover footage of the cruelty used by the trainers of the elephants to produce this movie I will not be going to see it. The stars should donate their vast amounts of money earned to animal cruelty or elephant welfare charities, or explain to the public why they don’t. How disgusting that some people will actually profit from such things. Elephants screaming with pain because of electric shocks and a baby elephant crying out when a bull-hook is pushed against the roof of its mouth. My opinion of the stars in this and similar movies has gone down drastically.

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