Recap: Robert Pattinson talks Water for Elephants, and so much more, on MTV

Water for Elephants promo is in full swing!! Robert Pattinson was interviewed by Josh Horowitz for MTV Live and the talk ranged from his career, to his hair, to elephants! It’s a great interview, funny and candid, with Rob answering fan questions submitted via Twitter! Thank you TwiBritneyFan for the video! :) 

Here are a few screencaps, just a few Kinker faves. ;) Lots more at RPLife.

"Elephants are much, much, bigger than this."

Did Josh ask your question? No, mine either. However, I was thrilled that Rob and I both thought he should’ve worn his MTV jacket for the interview. ;)

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  1. mary says:

    Ive only managed to find bits and pieces of the interview I didnt understand why it was put onto you tube(and I cant find it) instead of the show
    the mtv jacket I dont know what comment he made but hes 25 and its not a jacket he would were but he was(made?) to wear it at the airport just before they knew he was doing themtv interview
    (Josh has wrote interviews that arent exactly positive, also comments of Rob said but what he means is !!etc.,
    Rob probably wouldnt want a pr to be telling him right you have to wear this , say that, but please Rob get a pr to atleat keep an eye on things and keep away from people who are not positive about you

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