ARTICLE: Robert Pattinson talks about Tai (Rosie’s) impersonations

Speaking with Elle magazine (Russia), Robert Pattinson mentioned Water for Elephants. Here is the translated excerpt:

They say you agreed to participate in the movie “Water for Elephants” only after meeting your partner – Tai the elephant. How did she win you?

Rob: Her trainer asked me “Do you want to see what tricks she can do?” It turns out that Tai can do a parody of a horse and even a chicken! When the trainer asked her to show a horse, she did this “Frrr!” sound. How can you get an elephant to do this? She knows how to play ball and even can make a stand at the forelegs. And I thought, “This is an amazing animal! I was very lucky that I was invited to be in a movie with her!”

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  1. mary says:

    I remember reading this somewhere when he was doing the details interview a long time ago?
    Rob please please get yourself a PR and get everything checked as you go along
    Mtv were bringing things up from years ago but then theyre taken out of context or people dont remember what was going on at the time PR ASAP
    in ten years time youll be asking to explain comments you made years ago

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