AUDIO: Clips from the ‘Water for Elephants’ Soundtrack

In case you have been unable to listen to the audio clips from the Water for Elephants soundtrack due to web traffic, please find the clips below that were sent to us. After listening make sure to go PRE-ORDER the soundtrack that will come out April 19! Is James Newton Howard BRILLIANT or what?! Leave us your feedback in the comments!

1. Did I Miss It? (1:53)

2. The Circus Sets Up (2:32)

3. Circus Fantasy (3:45)

4. Jacob Sees Marlena (5:01)

5. Button Up Your Overcoat – Ruth Etting (0:32)

6. Prosze, Rosie, dac noge (4:12)

7. Rosie (3:25)

8. Speakeasy Kiss (1:34)

9. I m Confessin That I Love You (1:41)

10. Barbara’s Tent (1:18)

11. Jacob Returns (5:31)

12. Don’t Tell Him What Happened to Me (2:03)

13. Shooting Star (2:26)

14. The Job Is Yours (0:57)

15. I Need A Little Sugar In My Bowl – Bessie Smith (2:47)

16. Stomp Time Blues – Jasper Taylor & His Statestreet Boys (2:34)

17. I Can See Straight Through You (6:00)

18. Sanctuary (1:55)

19. Baptism / Jacob & Rosie (1:59)

20. The Stampede / I m Coming Home (8:21)

And here’s all the music on YouTube!

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16 Responses to AUDIO: Clips from the ‘Water for Elephants’ Soundtrack

  1. tinkrbe1l3 says:

    this is amazing….my hearts all clenched listening to this. *tear* the music is so whimsical and emotional. im not going to be able to handle myself in the theater. :)

    • OutOfMyElement says:

      I agree with you Tink! I’m a blubbering idiot. Why? Why?? Why??? I can honestly say I would have been affected by this movie even without our precious in it. The book hooked me immediately. Sara Gruen’s description of old Jacob in the nursing home had me tear up so much that I had trouble seeing the pages. We all know how different music touches us emotionally and this composer got it right!

  2. leahreallyitis says:

    amazing and I am going to pre-order this! :)

  3. leahreallyitis says:

    it was amazing! I will get this soundtrack :)

  4. WAC278 says:

    This sounds beyond awesome! =) I’m with both of you guys,my eyes won’t be dry either.

  5. IM1LuckyWoman says:

    OMG! The first notes of the first song and I was in tears!! Anytime music can evoke such an immediate emotional response….well, it’s just overwhelmingly beautiful!! I can’t wait to own this AND to see the movie, of course!

  6. Isabel says:

    OMG…30 seconds of each piece is not enough. It sounds just beautiful! I can close my eyes and envision the images on the screen. The Stampede/I’m Coming Home has a haunting quality to it….I can see that playing over the chaos of the stampede and just adding another layer to it. This score will be such a wonderful undertone to the film!

  7. IM1LuckyWoman says:

    Any idea if there will be a different “SCORE” CD? This seems to be the score, yet they’re calling it the soundtrack. I’m confused a bit. Guess it doesn’t really matter because if there ARE separate score and soundtrack CDs I’d just get them both anyway. (I guess I’m thinking of all the Twilight movies….each had separate soundtracks and scores.)

    • Zuza says:

      there came out 2 soundtracks because there were lots of songs performed or composed by different artists, not movie composers. I think it’s kinda obvious there will be no different soundtrack – there already are songs of Ruth Etting or Bessie Smith for example. The score is the one with the instrumental music originally from the film and composed specially for it. so this is it.

      • IM1LuckyWoman says:

        I guess I thought this would be called the score then…and not the soundtrack (since it is one composer and there are just the few “period” songs included). Regardless of what they’re calling it, I’m calling it EPIC!

  8. Maria says:

    I just listened to the CD and it is was really great. I am not old enough to remember the music of the thirties but what you have done is absolutely great. I have already preordered my copy and am hoping to go to the premere in NY on the 17th of april and to see the movie on the 22nd.

  9. Laureate04 says:

    Sounds fantastic – pre-ordered my copy the other day!! Absolutely cannot wait to hear this music in the film.

    Also, in response to the question above, because this is a “period” movie they probably aren’t going to have a soundtrack as we might think of it (with a whole bunch of songs by various artists). I gather that most of the music in the film will be instrumental (ie: the scores sampled above) interspersed with a few period songs (Bessie Smith, Ruth Etting, etc.) which I love about it – staying true to the time – of course I’m an American history teacher so I love and respect the music from this time period anyway :-D

  10. Carroll says:

    Beautiful, ethereal, whimsical, melancholy, romantic, brilliant… where’s my thesaurus? I need more words to describe the music. And if the music affects me this much, how will I make it through the movie unless I bring an entire box of tissues?

  11. Roblover says:

    I look forward to seeing the movie and hearing the music. The whole time I was listening I tried to see the visuals that went with the score. Some were very close to what I envisioned. I needed a little more of each theme. I knew most of the recorded songs, like Bessie Smith, etc. All in all, I think its going to be great!

  12. The book aimed for incredible realism, the movie trailers seem to indicate that the movie will follow the book as if a script! Does anyone realize that when the band strikes up the disaster march….the died in the wool circus fans are going to be hard pressed (knowing the meaning) to remain seated? As if at the circus, I’ll be on the edge of my seat come April 22nd when Water for Elephants finally hits the big screen!

  13. Lee Allen says:

    I think I’m possibly the biggest fan of James Newton Howard, and to hear his scoring is always a pleasure and an honour. I couldn’t love his music more. He is the greatest composer working today, because he’s the most original and versatile. He can produce scores for any genre, any time. I mean come on, he completed his best work, ‘King Kong,’ in 5 weeks!! After he replaced the man responsible for the greatest score ever written; Howard Shore.

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