Preview the ‘Water for Elephants’ Soundtrack!

Are you a “try before you buy” type of person?? Here’s a chance to preview the Water for Elephants soundtrack!

Click right HERE to listen to a bit of each song!

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8 Responses to Preview the ‘Water for Elephants’ Soundtrack!

  1. Love_WFE says:

    It is my first comment here, but I’ve been following this amazing site for a long time. I should mention guys, you’re doing a GREAT job in this site with the updates, news, etc.

    Thanks for posting the preview of scores. These scores are so beautiful, magical and relaxing that they really take you to the other world. I can’t wait to see WFE!

  2. Zuza says:

    The music is a pure MAGIC! “The Circus Set Up” – my god, I thought I saw the people working! Their wrestling with the ropes and the big top… The track is so full of energy.
    “Circus Fantasy” is the most magical of all for me, it feels like the melody sparkles with magic, or something!
    “Jacob Returns”… I don’t know if I’m getting it right but I think it’s when Jacob is coming back alone to the circus in Chicago, after he kissed Marlena. He’s wandering the streets in the night. It’s such a western music, I love it.
    These are my favourite tracks yet but of course, the soundtracks have it to theirselves that you only can fully appreciate them, hearing them in the movie. So I just can’t wait to see it, even more now! Days pass and the movie is more and more palpable. : ))

  3. Isabel says:

    Well, too bad it seems the site has collapsed and I can’t get on it to listen. I hope someone puts this on YouTube at some point.

    • Zuza says:

      I couldn’t get on it either, I had to google the website and then go into the news. Try it, maybe it’s gonna work with you as well. :)

      • Isabel says:

        Nope…couldn’t get in that way either. I guess I don’t get to listen…oh well. I am sure some kind soul will put on YouTube at some point.

  4. gkngc04 says:

    nice! I can’t wait

  5. Sarah says:

    I’m 3/4 of the way through the book & I love it; I’m excited for the movie, but I’m kind of afraid the animal cruelty from the book will transpire into the film and I’m not sure how I feel about that.
    Do you know if this is the case?


  6. Sofia Benitez says:

    Well my dear Water for Elephants people I personally saw the movie today at 12:01 am the first show, and all I could say its that this movie is amazing. Coming from a point of view of a teenager girl many people will believe that I love this movie for Robert Pattinson but the truth is that I love it before him. I read book and all I could say is that they got so close to be the same. This movie open my eyes of how this actors portraid their parts and how Robert Pattinson change his Twilight Saga character. I am really impress and they deserve the best because they did a movie with emotions and well portraid. To everyone out there watching it today or later hopefully you will enjoy it as much as me because I love it.

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