PHOTOS: Christoph Waltz in Spring 2011 GQ Style (Germany)

In a photoshoot inspired by Water for Elephants for Spring 2011 GQ Style (Germany), Giampaolo Sgura captures Christoph Waltz as he channels August Rosenbluth and makes the WFE villian smokin’ hot.

Click image to view LARGER

Click image to view LARGER

Sexy! I think my favorite is the one by the vanity mirror…pic #3. Which is your favorite?


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17 Responses to PHOTOS: Christoph Waltz in Spring 2011 GQ Style (Germany)

  1. Red_Hed_Lust says:

    I think these are pretty damn good – to the point that I sort of wish this photog (as opposed to Leibovitz) had gotten his hands on Rob.

    • sjaantje says:

      I was just thinking the same thing! I was thinking the snake picture was better than a flippin’ alligator! Leibovitz has done some amazing photos in the past so I don’t understand what the heck happened in that photoshoot. Not that I still didn’t go and buy the magazine anyway :)

      • renate says:

        Leibovitz lost her touch years ago…..I was a big Fan ….not anymore. That Alligator Shot with Rob was just awful…this Man’s Hand are elegant and artistic…..not supposed to hold an Alligator.. Christopher’s Shots are great

  2. deb24601 says:

    *whispers* I agree, RHL. These are beautiful and Christoph looks great but man oh man what I wouldn’t give to see the snake photo with Rob. Actually, scrolling back, it looks like a cross between Rob’s Details shoot and VF 09. And apparently I have way too much time on my hands… ;)

  3. Tinkrbe1l3 says:

    AMEN ladies!!!

  4. kiTT says:

    When I saw the pic of him by the vanity mirror and lights I went right to VF Rob 2009! And his stance/posture in the way he is sitting in the cage pic is also a lot like a Rob picture I can’t quite identify right now though. (maybe RM rooftop one ?)

    He even got to wear a better hat than Rob!!!!

    Good for Christoph, but I call ‘do over’ for Rob! :)

  5. somanywards says:

    the snake photo has a certain something*

  6. Sandra says:

    Oh my! I love these photo’s, my Favorites are number 3 and 4. To bad Rob’s photo shoot wasn’t as colourful as this one (although i do love the Rob car photo….a lot!)

  7. jekkie34 says:

    Ladies, we’ve known for awhile how Smokin’ Hot Christoph is. Rob is cute, but Christoph has SEXY written all over him.

    • Sachertorte says:


      Indeed, these are absolutely delicious. We had them for a while but I didn’t think anyone outside of our community would be interested!

      So good to see people taking notice in him!

  8. Deborah Lazaroff says:

    Christoph is pure sex in these photos. There’s nothing better than a smokin’ hot, experienced older man (although he’s only 2 years older than me.) I love all these photos, but the one with the snake is my absolute favorite. :-D

  9. Ilona says:

    You can all keep Rob…I’ll take Christoph any day <3

  10. Christoph Waltz looks soooo HOT, i am melting here!!!!!!=3 this pictures are beautiful and christoph is freakin sexy he is the best actor i have ever seen i can’t wait for his next film

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