Water for Elephants London Premiere Press Release and the film’s running time revealed?

Here’s the press release via Team Pattinson UK which confirms the date, location and attendance of Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz, as well as the film’s director, Francis Lawrence, at the London premiere of Water for Elephants!

The notes at the bottom of the release for “certificate” and “running time” seem to be reversed, indicating a likely running time of 115 minutes! :)


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10 Responses to Water for Elephants London Premiere Press Release and the film’s running time revealed?

  1. DeansHoneyBear says:

    this is so great for you Brits! is anyone going? I am going to the NY premiere..already have a room booked if anyone is interested in sharing, let me know!

  2. John Goodall says:

    The Vue in London is located in the Westfield shopping center which has over 275 stores and 50 places to eat. The theater has 14 screens, including VueXtreme supersized 3D screens.

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  4. Christine says:

    Im defo going, i cant wait, even if i get there like an hour before it starts or something cause i have an art gcse that day lol

    • Brunila says:


      Will you be attending the premier too? I’m not sure if I can make it but will try my best have a mini dissertation to complete .Maybe we can meet up? If I do end up going. Please email back

  5. lily says:

    I am so lucky!
    My friend and me booked a trip 2 Londen back in december 2011
    We’re arriving in Londen at 2/5
    Does anyone know, what the time will be?

  6. Lily says:

    OMG ! I touched him!!!!! All my classmates are jealous (A)
    He looked smokin hot !

  7. Laura G says:

    What an amazing event! , me and my friend travelled from the midlands a day early to ensure we had a good spot, after spending the previous night, cold,tired and hungry on the streets of London (well around the back of the centre..which was secure and well guarded with staff coming to check on everyone present (well done Westfield) we were able to enter the shopping centre and wait all day again for the event to start. firstly we were treated by a circus type performance, and then the atmosphere was electric as the press and presenters arrived,untill finally the stars turned up. firstly Rob , then Reese and shortly after,Christoph. They were all extremely polite and attentive to everyone stood waiting, signing autographs and having photos taken (I got a photo with Rob, and photos and autographs from Rob,Reese and Christoph!!) .The stars circled the premiere perimeter and each had interviews until it was time for them to leave. Our train back wasn’t til the early hours, then it was delayed then cancelled, so it was a hellish journey to get back home… but worth every struggle to witness the magic of such a brilliant premiere!

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