Entertainment Weekly interviewer talks Robert Pattinson and ‘Water for Elephants’

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Sometimes, it’s a pleasure to know the interviewer’s take on their articles because the context could be lost or we miss out on little nuances. Entertainment Weekly’s writer of the recent Robert Pattinson and Water for Elephants article had much to say. Check out the excepts relating to WFE.

A conversation with Entertainment Weekly senior writer Sara Vilkomerson about Twilight, Robert Pattinson, and the plight of the pigeonholed celebrity.

Josh: So after all that, what was he like in person?

Sara: I was really curious beforehand, because how many people are there that are THAT kind of famous? And I was very pleasantly surprised by how sweet and charming he is. And mostly, how easy it was to talk to him.

Because, as you know, doing any long interview is like having a long conversation with anyone. The real worry is, what if you run out of things to talk about? Or sometimes, when someone is really interviewed a lot, will this person be saying the same thing that he says to everyone? But I found him remarkably sincere.

Josh: It occurs to me that you improved your odds of having him say something new by making the first question about whether the elephant in his new movie, which is actually called Water for Elephants, would remember him the next time he was on set. Was this one of your fancy “journalism” tricks?

Sara: It’s more of a Vilkomerson is Interested in the Animals trick. Kidding (sort of). But actually I think when people see the movie, they’ll be struck at how much he and that elephant seem to like each other! And I knew we were reuniting them for our photo shoot. So I was genuinely curious.

Josh: Yes, he definitely seemed to like talking about the animals! Even, to his credit, about the zebra who chased him away.

Sara: I loved it when he called the zebras “wily.” I never once thought about zebras in that way. I always thought they were like really weird-looking horses.

Josh: Did you not detect something backhanded in his comment about the zebra’s williness? Maybe his sincerity fails to come through in text.

Sara: Well, it sounded like his colleagues all teased him from running from the zebra. Though if you think about it, zebras are big. I wouldn’t want one running at me, either.

I talked to a lot of other people from this movie—including the director and the screenwriter—and it sounds like the animal aspect was really intense. Also, I learned that lions are somewhat harder to work with than tigers. Now you know too!

Josh: Wait, hold on, I’m writing that one down.

Sara: You Never Know.

Josh: Did it strike you that he was happier talking about the circus movie with the elephants than he was about the aforementioned massive Twilight two-parter?

Sara: I think this has been a very long shoot—they are doing both the first and the second movies in one session. So he joked that he feels like they’ve been shooting it all of his life. But he seemed very enthusiastic about it and about the director, and about how dark and odd these last two chapters are going to be. Cause you know what happens in the last book, right? It’s bananas!

Josh: Um, yes. Yes, I know what happens in the last book.

Sara: So … that is going to be interesting to see how they did that AND kept it PG 13. Because it’s pretty dark up in there!

Josh: That’s what he said!


Sara: Haha.

Click HERE to read the fun article in its entirety. :)

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