SCANS: ‘Water for Elephants’ in Spain’s Cinemania magazine

Scans and a translation of a day shooting Water for Elephants from Cinemania magazine in Spain! Click all scans to make them bigger.

Excerpt from the translation:

At one point, Reese shows her skills as a gymnast and animal tamer. She has become friends with Rosie. With grace picks her for his trunk to reach the ground, and then to climb, is assisted by the elephant, which indicates an advanced job training.

“Of course I was scared”, she confesses later, “I screamed the first time I went, but then I took off. I learned her personality and I won her trust” she says.

Reese comes to talk with us, accompanied by Pattinson, who wears the clothes of his character, knee boots, panta LONES tight, button-down shirt.

“It’s very rewarding to participate in a movie like this,” says Reese, “where authentic settings, with real characters and a good story. No computer effects but a few. I think the audience is hungry for authentic stories with which they can relate. In addition, each specialist who has participated in this tape is a craftsman, the designer, the costume … it’s nice to see the work they do. ”

Endearing characters

It is very illustrative of visiting this day of filming, which Cinemanía was exclusively invited, since it’s one of the most colorful and spectacular scenes of the shooting: the circus parade through the town. A glance, one is dazzled with the costumes and setting of the first level, in this old scenario where classic films were shot like The Grapes of Wrath (1940) and Hello Dolly! (1969).

“I always had a fascination with the circus” Reese told us. “I was also a gymnast, juggling, trapeze luck with, and things like that. ”

“Yes, me too” said Pattinson, “but not particularly obsessed with this world. I think it caused me some concern when I was younger. I guess the circus caused a more profound effect on the times that are recreated in the film, when there was no zoo or TV. ”

Both players are very friendly to each other, because despite the age difference, have been known for some time and make a good couple on screen, because Reese is down years. “I hate this story. It makes me feel so old [laughs]. We met in a movie. I was 24 and a young woman who had a son.” Reese blushes slightly, joking with Pattinson. “She was my mother,” he says, laughing, “It was in Vanity Fair. “

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  1. RobCatCdn says:

    Lovely article. :-) Thanks Deb! <3

  2. twimom says:

    Just read the U.S.A. Vanity Fair article on Robert Pattinson. I was quite disgusted by the way these supposed fans of RP treat him. They scream at him, swarm him, try to rip him apart. How selfish and vain of these people to behave in such a way to a fellow human being?!!!

    I think RP is an amazing person, not just a pretty face. I would have never given the attention that the Twilight Saga has engendered in me, if it had not been for RP and his chemistry with Kristen Stewart. And he has an endearing personality that Hollywood almost never sees. Something just exudes from him on screen that I can’t take my eyes off him.

    I don’t want him ripped apart by lust-filled beasts or money grubbing paparazzi. I’m in love with what he is able to do on that medium of film. I want to see more. I want to see what more he is capable of doing if given the chance and not chased away by all the little demons of fame and Hollywood.

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